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Gracias, Honduras: Springing it.

Gracias was thankfully one bus drive away and took us through some beautiful mountain scenery. In the 16th century, Gracias was the capital of Central America but is now a quaint little mountain town. Although visiting a colonial town is nice, my main agenda was spending some time soaking in some mountain surrounding hot springs. Although the town itself wasn´t as nicely done up or maintained like other places I have been, it did have a really low key “slow your heart beat down” vibe with some nice hiking and some good places to chill a while.

The hot water springs were located about four kilometers out of town out in the middle of some forested areas kind of in a little ravine. They had carved out and created a half dozen pools ranging in size and temperature. I ended up getting an early start and was able to take advantage of the pools with only a couple of people. By mid day the local tourists had come and it got fairly packed with families making a day out of it. I spent a half a day soaking and then a nice amble back to town.

I guess I would characterize Gracias as a chill place as that is pretty much all there is to do there.

Honduran fast food. Fried chicken, chips, and tortillas.

French fry sweat shop. The older boys ran the fried chicken stand out front. The little kids worked in the back skinning potatoes and cutting them into fries. Who says child sweatshops are all bad.

A shot of Gracias from the castle.

I know, another church, blah…. but wait.

They had two.

My room during full moon.

Walking out to the hot springs which were hidden in the forest.

Hot springs after a long walk are excellent.

They reminded me of the pools on that volcano island in Nicaragua.

Surrounded by trees, hot steamy water, floating around, ahhhh…

Being sunday brought a lot of local families out.

Gracias from a far.

More cobble stone streets although Gracias is more rural than tourist spot. More of a sampling of small town Honduran life.

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  1. federico says:

    Hi steve from Italy!!! I’m planning a similar trip to yours beginning on October. I’ll stay out with my girlfriend for around 5 years. Do you have a rough idea of how much did it cost for you the whole trip? We have a budget of around 35000 euro each (that mean around 48000 US$), from my researches it should be enough. What do you think about that? Thank you for your help, you have been a great source of inspiartion in the recent years.

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