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Good morning Vietnam, errr I mean Cambodia: Escape from Thailand.

I wouldn’t say that “escape” would be the right word. I guess it was more “forced” to leave as I needed to get Sasha fixed up before she broke down permanently. My route was to cruise along the southern coastline to the Cambodian border. There are beaches along this route, but I was actually going to avoid them as the beaches and islands down South are much better. That didn’t mean I wasn’t going to do some beach time, there would definitely be some Cambodian and Vietnamese surf time, but I was just going to hold off on the Thailand stuff.

Getting out of Bangkok was tough. Out of all of it, the biggest thing I gained was that Sasha was going to be okay. My standards weren’t exactly high after Schwinn II, but after a full day of driving non-stop, I have learned to trust her. Things were going to be okay.

My first stop was the direct entry point to hell, Pattaya. So you haven’t been getting any lately (sex), tired of sleeping alone (sex), worried that your parts are going to rust (because of no sex), and you need some sex (sex). Well, Pattaya is the place to go. This is the ground zero for having sex with old white guys. I mean this place is like the Nirvana for the old white guy hots. There are fat old white guys, skinny old white guys, tall old white guys, short old white guys, hairy old white guys, bald old white guys, there are paraplegic old white guys, and quadriplegic old guys, hell, there are old white guys that I am fairly certain are clinically dead but because of the machines hooked up to them they are somehow still able to function. So if you are dripping at the loins thinking about an old white guy, go on down to Pattaya and get some of that old white guy stuff.

Next was Trat a quiet little town which is described as a “quiet little town”. The place was a gold mine for food. They had a great little market area with a food square which was top notch. I don’t know what it is about Thai food, but I’m hooked. They had a sit down area with a bunch of food carts to choose from. Along its border were two rows of food to go places. This was also my first foray into Thai sweets. One guy was selling a container of mixed sweets. They looked so good I had to give them a try. God I love this country. I have pretty much enjoyed all of the staple foods from every country that I have been. The major difference about Thailand is that there is such a huge variety. I don’t even mean a couple, I mean hundreds. The closest thing I can compare it to is an expensive sushi bar. Stuff is beautifully colored, flavors are mixed creating these vibrant explosive tastes, and it is all prepared hygienically. What’s my favorite? Pork fat. Oh man, where has this stuff been all my life. My staple meal is roast pork with rice. Usually what they give you is slices of marinated pork and along side it, some chunks of soft, melt in your mouth, luxurious pork fat. They pre-soak it in vitamins and minerals so its healthy too. Satellite tv and excellent food, Thailand is hard to beat. Oh yea, old fat white guys too if your into that.

Even with all that, I had to keep moving, so Cambodia, here I come.

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2 responses to “Good morning Vietnam, errr I mean Cambodia: Escape from Thailand.”

  1. JoeBoo says:

    Hey, dingleberry, easy on the old white guys… Old white guys gotta get some luvin’ too, so why not from anorexic Asian chicks from the sticks of Thailand?

  2. Charlie Brazilian says:

    Hey steve, how’s it going? So you’re arond thailand with a ‘new’ bike? it sounds cool, fucking cool.

    Man, i was looking for your email address here but i couldn’t find it. I’m going on a trip through south america for 2,5 months. I have about half of it already worked out. Flying from sao paulo to lima, peru and going through ecuador to colombia to attend a wedding. Then comes the complicated bit for which i thought of asking you for some tips. I’ll get into venezuela from colombia and i’m thinking of going across through guyana, suriname and french guyana and back to brazil where the amazon river meets the sea. Question is, did you go across the borders or you flew into guyanas and suriname? Google maps doesn’t show any roads in those countries. I’m not flying cos i haven’t got much money, all gonna be done by bus. Do you reckon i’ll be able to go across by bus? Any tips? I have ordered the south america on a shoestring but it hasn’t arrived yet. Have just started going through the thorn tree forums. Gimme a hand please?!

    Some more six months until you get home or gonna postpone it a bit?

    Crack on mate.

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