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Fat Steve.

Just for those few people concerned about my weight problem (I suffer from a rare form of Bulimia (I binge eat tons of food but don’t purge). After my ravenous cruise through Vietnam combined with my camouflaging my figure fatty jacket, it seems that I am capable of growing a really nice beer belly without having a drop of beer. Coming out of the mountains and down into the heat of the valley where swim trunks and tubing were the norm I got the nasty shock of portliness.

The last time I wanted to get into shape I went to Nepal and climbed over a shitload of Himalayan mountains. That was waaaay too much work. Going back further in time, when I caught Malaria and Dengue Fever in Africa, they both were very effective at cutting weight. Disease wise Giardia is pretty effective, that is the one where you pretty much piss out your ass anything you eat or drink. Sudan in the summer is pretty good because you sweat out most of your bodily fluids and it is too hot to eat. In the Omo Valley, Ethiopia where the only food was Injeera and goat for every meal really reduces the amount of voluntary intake. Being up above 4000 meters curbs my appetite as well. Hotels with slimming mirrors are really good too.

Since the above did not fit my current situation I had to come up with a new plan. I kind of figured the key to my problem was that my intake far outweighed my output and therefore I was ending up with a surplus (fat).

The fix.

1) One meal a day being a mid-afternoon heavy dinner followed by dessert. The rest of the day was subsidized by fresh squeezed sugar cane juice. This was fairly simple as normally I am not a breakfast eater. A couple of sugar cane juices and I powered through no problem.

2) Keeping busy was pretty important as eating fried chicken and Coke while watching tv does not create abs of steel. Being on strike allowed me to take a more adventurous route through Cambodia so I was being a good tourist and really hitting the sites. Moving from city to city is usually a full days work and when I am riding I rarely stop for food. It did help that Asians seem to eat on a fairly strict schedule and often times if you miss feeding time, there is nothing open. I usually arrive in a new town in the early afternoon, there is often times no opportunity to eat anyways.

3) No Coke. Sugarcane juice and lots of water.

4) Tarantula larvae and fish nuts.

A few hard driving weeks later and the mass lump is gone and back to abs of steel (intermixed with a bit of pliable foam and gel.)


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  1. Karie says:

    Ahhh I guess it happens with age old fella. But still think your a hottie even if you are a fattie. lol

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