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Facts of life, Congo style.

With cheap internet and not a whole lot to do while I wait for the train, I guess the blog will get some needed attention. Not too much in quality, but I will be updating more often for the next few days at least. What I am really pumped about is finding a standard keyboard. The last entry was written on what must have been a French one as some of the letters are moved. Life is good at the moment even down to the point of typing ease.

Facts of life? So I woke up from a semi-restful night having survived the onslaught of huge mosquitoes that attempted to penetrate my life saving mosquito net. The mosquitoes here are huge. They are so big that I actually hunt them down by watching for their shadows on the wall. Okay, back to the story. So I get up and splash some rain water on my face and use up the last of my water to brush my teeth. I grab an apple and head out to the front sidewalk restaurant area. There by the street is a little goat tied to a tree. I take a seat at the little wall divider and kick up my feet while studying my French book. My French is taking off rather well. I should have numbers down today and some basic question and answers. It is not too far from some spanish words so there are some similarities. Oh yea, back to the story. So I chomp down on my apple and drink my orange drink mix while this goat kind of starts staring like it was staring at a big creme donut in the bakery window, well, make that how I look when looking at a big creme donut in the window, goats and bakeries probably don’t happen. Anyway’s, its baahing like your usual goat does and its staring so I give in and toss it the core of my apple. It didn’t even smell it first and chomped it down in like two bites. Then two guys walked over flipped it on its back and slit its throat. They held it down a while as it gurgled and took its last gasps. Then they sliced an artery in its leg and blew the blood out its neck. From there they hung it on a hook and sliced and diced it until it looked like a butchery shop. Start of apple to finish 30 minutes top. So that was my morning. What are the facts? It sucks to be a goat in the Congo.

It’s saturday so I am kicking back playing with the kids at the guest house and talking with the old guys in the front restaurant. It rained earlier so I did some laundry and filled my water bottles with rain water so I can have a shower later. I think I am going to have some chicken and chips for lunch.

The Congo so far, well Lumbumbashi at least is very similar to Brazil. Here, the people are out and about socializing and constantly on the move. It’s back to having vendors on the street at all hours and things alive and happening. I am actually enjoying it quite a bit as the South America vibe is my favorite. When the sun is out it is hot and muggy, but when the clouds are out or at dusk, the temperature drops and it is very nice. Being the rainy season it seems to be cloudy and threatening to rain all the time. Because of the rain, there is a lot more vegetation around. It is a very green place with the exception of the roads which are constantly muddy. French, Swahili, Congolese, and ? are the primary languages, but I have not found a shortage of English speaking people. That has made things a lot easier. My French though is improving rapidly so i should be self sufficient pretty soon.

Thats it for now, I might be back later if I have some time.

$1US = $510 Congolese Francs
Bottle of Fanta 300ml = $200F
Internet= $600 per hour.
Pieces of fresh barbecued goat= $500F (Thats right I ate that bastard, it was fresh.)
Room in a guest house with no water= $10US. The rest of the hotels started at $30US and averaged around $150US.

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  1. Mary says:

    I’m sure that this may seem rather odd that I am writing this quick email to you, but I am actually hoping to meet a friend’s family from Lubumbashi next June/July. I am from/living in the U.S. and would love to hear what your impression was in Lubumbashi. So if you could, will you email me back and tell me what you thought of it. How much money do you think it would cost to stay there for 2-3 weeks? Just an average. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

    If you reply to this, please write to me at Thanks you soooo much!!!

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