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Enroute to being lost.

I crossed back into Costa Rica and stopped at this little transit town. Not much to see or do but a nice place to stop as there was nothing touristy about it. I caught a storm brewing at just the right time. I had a second floor room that overlooked the city. Most of the buildings had the corrugated metal roofs. When the rains rolled in it was like a 3D symphony as you could see and hear the rain coming at me. Nice.

San Isidro General was another transit stop. I still can´t do more than five hours on a bus before it drives me nuts so I try and do these intermittent stopovers. San Isidro was one of the bigger towns with a big Central Park, a lot of stores selling all the usual brick a brack. The hotel where I stayed brought back a lot of memories when the cheap room I got was one of the closet styles with the walls that don´t reach the ceiling. It was flash backs of Mumbai, and from the movie “The Beach”, except much smaller. I still get shivers. It was clean though but I was still out of there at sunrise.

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