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End of Zambia.

My last days of Zambia went fairly quickly as I rushed to get all of my stuff prepared for the next stage. A lot of scampering around looking for a French phrase book, lots of medicines, books, a new watch, changing money, and emergency supplies like powdered Koolaid. I did prolong my leave day because I wanted to watch the Bremen/Barcelona Soccer game (not really but it would make my friend Nicholas happy to think so,) but also because I wanted to arrive in the Congo towards the weekend so that I would not have to wait too long for the train. With only a month visa, it is going to be diffficult getting through my route.

At the bus station I did a change from taking a bus straight to the border to stopping in Ndola, a mining town in the middle of what is called the Copperbelt region. The only extraordinary part of my stay there was scoring on a nice hotel room that I got for the same price as the overpriced shithole places. The area is booming, so $15 was the going rate. I just stopped by this way too nice looking place and they told me $30. I said no thanks and left. The guard called me back and told me to offer them something. I through out the price of the cheapest place that I had found and they agreed. Sweet. Hotel room with bathroom, tv, fan, and mosquito net. After a couple of months sleeping in a tent, it was just marvelous.

From there I wanted to stop at a place called Chingola, but it was the same problem, very expensive rooms. Finally, a guy told me that if I went to the border town of Chililabombwe, there were cheaper plqces there. I got back on the mini buses and made my way to the border.

In Chili, I found the same expensive places. Finally a guy told me about a place called Willy’s Hideaway down by the mines. Sounds kind of sketchy doesn’t it. Well, it was. About an hours walk from the center, down by the shanty town, there was Willy’s. Willy,s was basically a compound for an alley type bar/whorehouse. It had a row of rooms about the size of a closet, but those were all rented as it was a thursday night. I ended up getting a suite (a pipe with water that dribbled out made the suite part.) I was scared of getting ripped off the whole time because I got in an argument with the lady who showed me the room. After we settled on the price, she saw that I had more money and told me that I had to pay more. She walked off saying I had to pay. After a worrisome night it turned out to be okay and I left with all my possessions.

And that my friends is the end of Zambia.

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