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End of fishing.



The time had come to stick a fork into it. Actually, it was pretty much over once I started heading inland, but after my shopping experiences and needing emotional recovery, I headed back down to my hang out fishing spot of Si Racha (the place with the old teak hotels on the piers) for some rest and relaxation and some last minute fishing. On the way back to Bangkok, I figured it was time to cut the line and give away all my fishing toys. I was thinking about sending all my stuff to my boys in Songkhla, but the thought of having to box up all the stuff, go to the post office, as well as finding out an address to send it was too much. Besides, I had given them a lot of stuff already and I was sure a local kid would get more of a kick out of some guy randomly giving them a whole bunch of fishing stuff. The best scenario that I could come up would have been to have found some kids fishing with some old school cane poles and then to give them everything. As I was driving along the freeway which luckily parallels a river, I didnt see anybody fishing. I must have come down on a weekend as before I remembered the banks being lined with people fishing. Today, nothing. I finally came upon a couple of teenagers on top of a local bridge. I turned around and went to the base of the bridge. Watching them I learned that the cane pole I thought they were fishing with was actually a hand made bow gun. They had a tin can attached to the front of it which held the fishing line that was attached to the arrow. They were shooting fish. Shit. I couldnt give it to them because they were doing something much cooler. Hunting and fishing at the same time, hell I need to try that. So off I went. I saw a few kids around but none were fishing. I was starting to get desperate as I was getting close to the Bangkok turnoff. I started to alter my options and figured my alternatives were to: a) give it to some homeless person I saw, b) give it to a orphanage, or c) turn them over to a monks temple and tell them to give the stuff to someone worthy. I started to get pissed off as my stress level was gaining and I was getting frustrated that I was hauling all this crap around for no reason. My soon to be option was to just pull over and leave it on the ground. Fortunately before it got to that point, I spotted three kids fishing. Perfect. There were three of them and only two of them were fishing with standard poles. Still, they were one pole short and by golly I had one for them. I pulled over and after a few suspicious stares they said hello. I had been digging out the poles from my bag and had taken my fishing ice chest out of the front basket. By then they were standing around. They asked if I wanted to fish with them but I explained to them that I wanted to give them my fishing stuff. They were unsure at first but after more hand signals they finally got it and were pretty happy. Now, this is a big difference between these asian kids and most everyone else. Three young boys with a box of goodies laid out in front of them, normally would cause a fist fight as everyone would be thinking of themselves. First, the kid without the pole was given the fishing pole and reel. Next they laid out the hundreds of nick nacks I had and checked it all out (they were really impressed with my heavy duty hardware). They then put it all back in the chest and said thank you a bunch of times with the bows and that was it. I was pretty happy with my choice of recipients as I pulled away.

Although it was nice to get rid of the extra weight (although I am keeping the Penn reel and shipping that home), I will miss having all my little toys. Hopefully I wont run into any other fishy places where I will regret my charitability.

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  1. Karie says:

    Hehehe withdrawals 😉

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