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El Salvador: Final thoughts

Yea, I still haven´t given my final thoughts about Nicaragua. I am painfully aware of that fact, but I am once again almost a whole country behind and I need to get caught up. The other thing I am finding is that for some reason I am not so interested in the civil and US fed wars that occurred here even though the atrocities were the same as that has happened in all the other war torn countries that I have visited. I guess that the subject matter is falling into the same categories as visiting markets or ruins. Too much too often and you become numb to it. I will however do some more research as it does warrant it and I am sure my way of breaking down complexities into a sixth grade level book report will surely help somebody who wants to know but doesn´t really want to put forth any real effort.

So, to be continued later.


One response to “El Salvador: Final thoughts”

  1. Steve N. says:

    WANDERLUST!! Love the trek!! You are a pro, man.
    I’m currently working in the Congo (Pt. Noire) and am now dying to take the train.

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