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El Salvador bound.


There is an agreement between Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua called the CA-4. Basically, they are making a somewhat similar agreement as in Europe. When you enter in any of these countries you pay a tourist fee and from that point you are free to pass to the other countries without having to pay again. In theory of course. Nicaragua decided that they would bypass this agreement by including a $7US fee to enter and a $3 fee to exit. Bastards. I hate that kind of shit. Luckily though, leaving Honduras and entering El Salvador I was able to see how it was supposed to work. They had just one office for both countries tourist immigration. You get entered into their system to provide tracking information, but outside of that you are free. They don´t even stamp your passport. You basically have 90 days free roaming. Nice. Thumbs up. I still have to try it in Guatemala so we´ll have to see how functional it is there.

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