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Dimeka: Wow, its Bedrock.

We arrived in Dimeka after dark but being a really small village we ended up right next to the main hotel in town. Juan and I went to scout it out and they told us the price was fifteen birr. Hell at that price we couldn’t figure our a reason to try and bargain. We grabbed the other two and got our rooms. We also learned that we needed to establish prices right off the bat if we were staying somewhere as the restaurant was definitely charging Farenji prices even though they had a Ahmaric Menu posted right on the door way. We had a guy read off the different items so we knew what the prices were supposed to be. We had to really fight the waiter, but we finally made an agreement where we would pay slightly more than the locals price and we wouldn’t have to argue each time. This worked out really well as we could let our guards down and just relax.

The next day was market day but we just kind of hung out in the hotel all morning as we all seemed to want to first see the market in full bloom. I snuck out around 11am and it turned out the market was almost right across the street. We had seen a lot of animal skin clothed people walking around but didn’t know it was so close. The market was pretty packed so I went back and told the guys it was time.

The market itself was rather small, but it was definitely a tribal market. There was maybe ten percent of local people out selling normal stuff, but the majority were tribes people coming to sell and buy their wares. It was really good and made you feel like you really stepped back in time. We spent a lot of the rest of the day just wandering back and forth between the market and the hotel just making a relaxing day of it.

One big negative was I ended up getting the runs and cramps. I must have eaten or drank something bad as I was down for the count. I had just been boasting the day before that I had made it through a year in Africa with nary a stomach problem. Since the food was not all that great anyway, I opted for my usual solution to Montezuma’s Revenge. I only drink water and eat no food for twenty-four hours. That way the stomach empties out by vomiting and pissing out your ass so the only thing left in your stomach is the acid. That pretty much kills whatever bugs that are in there and the next day you can start with some liquids and bland food. It seemed to work as the next day I was scarfing down bananas without banana shake squirting out the backside.

A new problem did pop up though. We had figured out how to beat the scammers at their own game, but what we couldn’t solve is when there were no trucks going to our next destination. Nothing. All the trucks seemed to be going to Jinka, but none to Turmi our next destination. It was only maybe an hour and a half away by Land Cruiser, but there was nothing. We were stuck there for two more days before a local guy was going to make the run. At first they hit us with these outrageous prices, but we all secretly smiled and said “no, thank you.” The driver and his helper were real pricks, but we had them by the balls since they were banking on the Farenji’s to pay for the majority of the cost of the truck. They had a bunch of locals packed in the back with a little room for about four more passengers, but we wouldn’t budge until we got our price. We actually screwed the guy over pretty good, but he deserved it. He tried to get back at us by stopping half way to Turmi and demanding the money but I got pissed off and started cussing the guy out and threatening him. I almost made him and his helper cry. He hopped in and finally just took us to Turmi. I was nice when we got there and paid him as soon as we stopped. He gave me a dirty look, but I didn’t care as we got where we wanted to go. The Israeli’s were pretty pleased at my handling of the issue and coming from Israeli backpackers, that is a true honor, I think.

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