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Day “I’m done!!!!!”

Well Mom, that’s a year in my life in a nutshell, actually a pretty exacting nutshell. I hope that makes up for the years of wondering what I have been up to. Although it seems like it was a pretty exotic trip this last year, in actuality it does represent what my last fifteen years of so have been like. I would move to a new town, with everything in tow, having no plan except that I would be busy for the next six months to a year so I had to get as much resolved in those first twenty-four hours. Even then I would get out of my car or plane and just sort of stand there in bewilderment in how lost I was, at that moment, not having a clue where anything was, where to go, or how things worked. Once I recovered from the “lost” shock, it was grab a paper, scour through the classifieds, ask people where good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods were, and then off I went. After usually choosing the first place I found, it would be drop off my stuff and learn as much as possible about what was around and how things worked. After that it was 90 percent work of course, but I would make friends and relationships, come up with some hobby to absorb my few hours of free time a week, and get on with life. When the time would come, I would fill up my two garbage bags full of stuff (one of my quick packing tricks), at first it was goodby’s and “I’ll keep in touch,” but after the first couple of moves I knew that I couldn’t keep moving forward with the attachments that I made, so that changed to “Nice meeting you, I won’t lie to you and tell you that I will keep in touch, but I hope you understand,” and I would be gone.

One other thing, I hope that you understand that I can handle things pretty well. Nothing spooks me and I can get out of anything, so no worries, well except mosquitoes, mosquitoes and Daddy long leg spiders, eeegads those things are just freaky. So you don’t have to worry about me in that regard.

Just for you to know, I am pretty ecstatic/happy about my life. I have chosen to take the path of not dreaming. If there is something I want, I get it. It may come off as selfishness, but a secret that I know, is that you only get one life. I make a lot of judgement calls based just on that theory. My plan on when I die is to have one of those Motel 6 door hangers that read “Do Not Disturb,” placed on my tombstone because my plan after death is resting, and maybe some Counter-Strike, with a bottle of Fanta, possibly two, 3-litre size of course.

I hope you enjoyed it,



4 responses to “Day “I’m done!!!!!””

  1. Joe says:

    I stumbled across your blog a while ago, and I have really enjoyed reading your entries. You have a unique attitude about traveling, and you write well. So I hope you will occasionally write some more. It would be interesting to see how you like Africa….

  2. "Cic" says:

    Unbelievable travelogue!!! Kudos to you for “not dreaming.”

  3. Robert says:

    Always amazing
    Thanks Steve

  4. Misti says:

    You suck you weinie, keep writing.