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Day 67 Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname

Today, yup, another day when I am actually caught up and writing this the same day. Anyways, the reason why I am getting caught up is because I am still in NN and I want to go on a taxi driver killing spree. Let me give you insight into my rage.

I wake up and its 9am, actually, its 10am because there is somehow a time change between the two countries. No problem, my goal is to grab another shared taxi and make my way the four hours to Paramaibo the capital of Suriname. I had a really great room, and the town itself is a big change for the better. I figure it can only get better, so I check out and head down to the market where the buses and taxis meet. I wander through and find out where the taxis are. Instantaneously I am accosted by taxi drivers telling me that they will take me to Parbo for $70US. Whatever. I tell them I want to go with a shared taxi. One guy says no problem and says $40US per person. I call the guy an idiot and tell him the price. He says okay but he needs two other people. I tell him fine. He wants me to leave my bag which there is no way. I am doubting his abilities to get other people. I go and wander the market checking out all the crap. He finds me later and tells me he found somebody else except that they are poor and only has half the fare. He is wondering if I would cover the rest. I was getting pissed so I told him that if he talks to me again about anything besides its time to go, I would just take the bus. His friend can tell I am pissed so he pulls him away and I go wandering some more. The guy comes back and says if I pay just $10S more we can leave now. That is when I told him to piss off and get away from me. He says fine and leaves. By this time I had already given up so I was in search of buses. I talk to another guy who says the bus would not leave until 2pm. Great. Three hours away. I figure fine, Iíll go and kick it under a tree in the park and relax. As I am crossing the street another guy comes running after me. He tells me he has two other people and could take me now. Okay, now were talking so I followed him back. He says he has two hot girls to go with us. Now I start to worry. Now the chances that I luck out and get to ride down with two hot chicks is very small. When I see them, I start to get really suspicious. They have tats and are wearing flashy clothes and jewelry. Real gawdy looking. The real sketchy part was that they knew all these taxi guys. Even another suspicious thing was that these were not two priviledged girls with money, so why were they taking a taxi that was five times the cost of a regular bus. I knew this was going to be bad. We hung around for a while for some odd reason. I saw him pitching the ride to some other people so I felt a little better that this might be legitimate. The driver kept talking to this other guy who definately was a thug. I watched them and knew something was bad. I should have walked right then, but hell, I was there and you never know. My guard was up and I just prepared myself for something to go bad. Finally, the guy just walked up and said lets go and started the car. I had just noticed a van pull up that advertised some tour agency. It didnít really dawn on me except for the fact that I would be needing one to set something up to see the turtles. We pull out and it happens to be right behind this van. There are five other people in that van so I question why they would need so many guys to roll me. Well by this time you can definitely tell that we are following this van. We head out of town and into the sticks. The driver asks me for the money which is never the way things work. I tell him straight up no way in hell and I didnít trust him worth a shit. He just said ďno problem no problem, you can trust me.ĒWe finally come up to a gas station where we pull in. I prepare myself to get at least one good shot on the driver and maybe a couple of good booby squeezes from the girls before they take all my stuff and kick my ass. Wel,l we pull along side the van and the driver jumps out telling us to get into the van and they would be taking us to Paramaibo. Now I understood what was going on he was doing the old bait and switch. I went off. I grabbed my bags out of the back and started cussing him out. I wonít go into too much detail but I hadnít been so pissed off in a long time. I berated that guy for the whole time that we were there. He kept telling me to calm down and that he would not take his cut for the deal and I should get into the van. I ask the van driver how much he was charging and in the background I heard the taxi driver say something in a foreign language and the van driver pops up with the same number as the taxi guy. That set me off again on a tirade. Finally, the guy said no more and they both took off. Then it set on me, donít fucking blow the guy off until your back in the city and not stuck out in the sticks at some gas station. SHIT. I sat there for a few minutes still fuming before I decided to start walking. I walked for about an hour when another taxi guy pulled up and asked if I wanted a ride. I had just spoken to a lady who told me I had about a half an hour to go so I knew it wasnít far. The guy said $5S. I was getting taken again, but at least I would be able to get in that guys face again. I said fine and hopped in his car. Well, the guy had to do some errands so we stopped at his house so he could drop off some groceries and he could talk to his friend. We then went to another house to drop something off. Then we stopped at a business and picked up a lady. Finally we made it back to the market. I looked around as we entered but the SOB wasnít there. We pulled up to where the buses were and the taxi guy asked when the next Parbo bus left. The bus driver said that it just pulled out. SHIT. I would have been on that one if we werenít screwing around. Plus, I paid way too much for the taxi. The taxi guy said that he would run down the bus for me if I paid more. I said fine, double the rate if we can catch it. We drive for about fifteen minutes and he says that we canít catch it. Fine, lets go back to the station and Iíll look for another bus. He says that there should be one at two. We get back to the market and I give him $5S for the first ride. He asks where the other $5S was. I told him the same place as the bus he was supposed to catch for me. He got pissed and that set me off again. I laid into that guy and walked off. I was really pissed at that time and just walked away. One of the fruit vendors started talking to me and I told him what was going on. He laughed and told me how big of a crooks those guys were. Just then a younger guy walks up and asks where I want to go. I tell him Parbo. He says $80US and no problem. I told him not to start with me. He says no problem, give him a minute and he will see if he can set something up for me with one of the buses. I tell him what buses, they are all gone for the day. He said that he could find one and took off. He comes back with some better prices but I am wary and kind of just want to go back to the hotel and cool off with some air conditioning. I tell him the amount that I should be paying and he says to hold on he needs to check on something. About five minutes later, the fruit guy asks me ďwhy arenít you taking the government bus?Ē as a big bus slowly drives past. I tell him because nobody ever told me about the government bus. I was told the next bus would not be until 2pm and it was only 1pm. He laughs and said that was it. He then explains to me the bus schedule. They leave at 6am and 1pm sharp daily. It costs $5S and goes straight to Parbo. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. I almost had a nervous break down. I just laughed and walked off. I had been defeated. The whole fucking town was one big tourist trap and they were all set on screwing me over. Bastards.

I went back to the hotel where the people were surprised to see me. They laughed at my stories and got me set up in the same room. I went up to my room, cranked on the air conditioning and stripped down ready for a shower. Just then there was a knock on the door and it was the last guy who was still trying to get me to go to Parbo. I told him that I quit and I already had my room. He said to not worry and to get my money back and I would be saving $10S. I told him no more, and shut the door.

That was my morning. Beyond that I took another walk around town, but it was three and everything is closed until five. I went back to the room and wrote this part up. Later tonight I will upload and I will be caught up. Well, with the exception of two weeks worth of pictures to upload. Those wonít take long, and I found a ac adapter since they use a weird plug here. Beyond that, I will finish this day off as it finishes itself. At worst, I will update again when I am in Paramaibo. God help this town if there is a day three.

Well, as the last day has treated me, the internet place closed early. It was freaking open the night before until I went back to my room to go to sleep and tonight when I need to use them, they are closing at 7pm. Bastards. I have had enough of this town. With the exception of my cool room, this town can burn to the ground. Good night.

FYI, its four days later that I am uploading this. I never got to get caught up. Behind again!!!!


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  1. Judy says:

    Maybe I’m not so glad you’re in Suriname! Judy