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Day 65 Springland, Guyana

Today was a travel day and boy was I ready. After a semi-restful night, I packed my stuff and dropped off the keys. I didn’t feel like trying to wrestle my way into a mini-bus so I waited for a taxi. I quickly got a guy and told him to take me to the #50 Mini-bus area. We were off. During the ride I questioned him about how much it should cost. He asked if I was interested in taking a shared taxi. The mini-buses and buses in general are nice and usually the cheapest way to go, but when your carrying two packs, it is so much easier to throw it in the trunk of a car. With only four other people in the car you also don’t have to deal with the dropping off and picking up people the whole way to your destination. In this case it was two dollars cheaper so I told him to take me to the taxi place. We pulled up and a guy was waving for one more. It was perfect timing. I got out and paid the taxi guy (who charged me the least amount out of all the taxis I took,) and threw my stuff in the new car. With that, we were off. It would have only been better if I could have gotten the front seat, but oh well at least I wasn’t stuck in the center spot. The ride was fairly uneventful with the exception of us hitting two dogs on the way and getting pulled over by some big wig who was giving a tour of an intersection to some other people. He ripped out taxi driver for driving too fast through town. In regards to the dogs if you were wondering, the road that takes you all along the coast is basically one road with houses and buildings almost the entire way. All the people, animals, and dogs walk along the road to get anywhere. Cars fly along there like crazy, so there are road kill all over the place. Their does not seem to be a person that picks up the pieces, because some of them have been there a while. They just eventually get squished down to nothing. Its not a pretty sight. Anyways, a couple of hours later we pulled up to the Ferry which was the end of our ride. We jumped out and headed into the terminal. The place was pretty big with enough room for a couple of hundred people. After a hours wait, they opened up the ticket window and I bought my $.20 ticket. We loaded onto the Ferry about an hour later. The ride was about twenty minutes which really was just a ride across to the other side. The river is fairly wide, so the Ferry hauled cars, trucks, people, etc. When we got off it was the usual at any entry way. A hundred guys either selling something or wanting to take you somewhere. I hate that shit when people get in your face screaming about where you are going and such. I always tell the people to piss off until I get my bearings and figure out whats going on. A lot of people get in trouble because they are dazed and confused so they follow anybody who tells them something. That is where people and there money get separated really quickly. I bought a soda and asked the guy where the taxi area was in town. He gave me directions and I took off walking. Guys were yelling and honking at me, but I just kept walking. I found the place, talked to the guy who was going to Springland and even got the front seat. We took off a few minutes later. It was smooth, just the way I like it. This ride took about three hours because it was a mini-bus and we had to keep dropping off and picking up people. I got to sleep part of the way so it wasn’t too bad. When we finally got to Springland, I was kind of in a daze because it looked no different than the other three hours of areas we had drove through. With that, I was in my new town.

Since he just dropped me off I had no clue where I was at and hadn’t done any research on where to stay. I ran into a guy who pointed out a few hotels to try. The first was nice but a little pricey. The next two were the right price, but were shit hole places that reminded me of the first place I stayed in Georgetown. I got to the last place and it was another Disco/restaurant/hotel place. It was kind of dumpy on the outside and inside they were doing construction. I really had little hope for this place but figured I would give it a try. It took a while to find the owner, but he came and took me upstairs to the top floor where the rooms were. When we got to the hallway where the rooms were, all the walls were unfinished and a lot of the trimming had not been painted. It kind of looked like an almost finished house. When he unlocked the door on the brand new door, I was hit by the smell. Sure, your thinking oh god another stinky story. Well folks, this was a new smell. It was the smell of fresh dew in a country field, the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, the smell of a newborns head (thats for the women), what it was, the smell of fresh paint and tile glue. They had just finished re-doing all the rooms and they were all brand spanking new. All new everything, windows, bathrooms, fixtures, beds, linens, lights, everything. It wasn’t just clean, it was brand new. I almost shed a tear. I put my stuff down, grabbed a shower and just lied there on my clean, new sheets. I was in heaven. I could walk bare foot without worrying about catching ten different diseases. It had been a while since I had been in a place that I could get comfortable. After grabbing the usual purchases of water and soda and doing my cursory walk around the neighborhood, I pretty much just laid around soaking up the clean atmosphere. It was just what I needed after my week in Georgetown.

I did get to check out the town a bit. It was pretty much another one road town with the exception of the cool Mosque that sat at the end of the street. It was still under construction so it was only in its concrete form. It was neat to see this huge building that looked a mix between a church and a prison. Kind of ominous looking. The city bordered the Corentyne river so I took a stroll along the concrete banks of the wide and dirty river.

Back at the hotel I settled on a plate of curried chicken and rice. I looked all up and down that city to see if I could find something not Chinese or Indian, but could not find anything. I really want a nice clean, cool salad and some nice clean, cool fruit. That would just make my day.

That night I did some more writing and worked on the logistics of getting to Suriname the next day. If everything worked out perfectly, I would have just enough money to get across with nothing to spare. I could then start using my US$’s to buy Surinise $’s. If not, I would have to try and come up with some other form of payment. So far on this trip I have not done so well on the different currencies, so hopefully this would work out for the first time. A good side note was that at ten o’clock, all the music in the city shut down. Pretty much everything locked up at ten and the town went dead. It was my first quiet night in a week. Oh how so much better life is out of Georgetown. “Welcome to Hell,” now I understood.


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