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Day 60 Georgetown, Guyana

With a sleepless sweaty night of clock watching and mosquito alerts, I got up. I liken it to the time that one of my wisdom teeth had a huge cavity and needed to be removed. I was in so much pain that last night I wanted to go to the dentist. It was like the count down to the ending of pain. I took a quick sewage shower and headed out. The bar was all locked up but I wasnít going to wait for someone to let me out. I found an open spot to get out of the bar and then hopped the fence to freedom. I bee lined it to the bank. The first employee I saw I asked about the cash advance capability and he said no problem and pointed to the tellers. I was happy that I would once again have money. The transaction was rather pain less and I got enough funds to easily last the week or two that I was allowed in country. On the way back I took a look in the guide book for another place to stay. They suggested another guest house just up the road, actually on my way back. After a little bit of confusion I found the place. It was in as bad a condition as the bar was. Luckily, I noticed a sign just down the road for another guest house. I stopped in and talked to an Indian family. They had some rooms and the lady told me the cost. I checked out the rooms and came back down. I offered the same amount I was paying at the Tropical Hotel, but I wanted the room with the bathroom and shower in room. She agreed and I went to get my stuff. There was only one guy awake when I got back so I handed him the keys and the amount for a single nights rent. Now I understood why the discount if you stayed for longer than one night. The best description of what the place was like was sketched in the door by a Donald and Sandy. It read ďWelcome to hell.Ē Sandy and Donald. It summed it up perfectly. The only regret was that I didnít get a chance to annihilate those bastards in my ex-room. My dream was to go in and seal all the windows. Then I would toss in a couple of foggers followed by a couple of smoldering mosquito coils. I would wander around in my chemical suit squishing them as they fell to the floor. Now that would have been cool.

When I got back to the new place, I paid the lady for two nights and went to my room. I knew instantly that this place would be okay because one it had regular windows that could be sealed shut, and two there was a fan. It did not work, but they showed me you just had to give it a spin to get it started. Later that day it died anyways, so they gave me astandard desk fan that worked just fine. Once I was settled I got directions to a pseudo grocery store where I picked up bug spray and mosquito coils. When I got back I gave the room a spray and killed all living things that were there. So far I have only seen two mosquitos and both of those were shot down with a quick spray. It was no contest. I havenít even needed to use the coils. With the whole evening still free, I took a walk down through the market and over to the Tiger Bay area to see if I would be mugged, maimed, or killed. I was none of the above and ended up buying a Sprite from an old lady. With no excitement to be found I took an hour and a half walk across town to the Surinamese Embassy. They had some pretty tough requirements according to the guidebook, so I wanted to be prepared. When I got there, the guard gave me the run down. Visas are only given on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. You need two passport photos, a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, and $45US. Just to get ahead of the game I asked sweetly if I could cheat and get the form so that I would have it filled out when I got there first thing Friday morning. She was okay with that and got me the form. I went back to the hotel and took another shower. Even though the sewage smell wasnít there, you just canít actually get clean. You always seem to have this cruddy layer of sweat on you. Its kind of disgusting, but it was manageable. I quickly passed out in front of the fan. The owners daughter woke me up to tell me the shower water was fixed and to test it out. I did and it moved up to a fast trickle. I was fine either way because I was just using the spigot from the lower part to fill up a sprite bottle and then dumping it on me. She soon left. I didnít pay any attention and just laid around for another half an hour. I hadnít eaten since the prior night so I had a craving for some Arabic food. I had some great Falafels from an Arabic family in Ciudad Bolivar. I had seen a sign which looked like it might have been Arabic so I was going to give it a try. I was starting to feel a little bit under the weather but I contributed it to the lack of food. When I went down the stairwell to the exit, I noticed that there wasnít anybody in the main house area and that the metal gate that led to the rooms was locked. They normally kept it locked and would open it for you as you came or left. This time, nobody was home and I was trapped. At first it was funny, so I just kicked back and waited. I figured that they had to do a quick errand and since I had been upstairs for a while that I probably wasnít coming down any time soon. Well, an hour went by and I started getting agitated. I sat on the stairwell peering out the door like a prisoner. Two hours went by and I started getting mad. The neighbor guy kept me company for a while but even he was surprised that they would do something like that. One of the tenants came by and told me to let him in but I explained to him to that I was trapped. For the third hour I was angry. A few times I gave the door a kick and started shaking it which got the attention of the people walking down the street. I probably could have kicked the gate in but I weighed that against the problem that I would have with them and the following Police interaction. I finally decided on just letting it go and the day I left I would Super Glue every one of their locks shut, with them in the house. That was the plan. Finally after three and a half hours they showed up. The lady apologized and explained that the mothers blood pressure shot up and they had to take her to the hospital. With that my blood pressure went down and I took my window of freedom to run to the Restaurant. By that time I was on the verge of getting cramps so I ordered what I thought would be good. The restaurant wasnít in fact Arabic, but just another Indian food restaurant with an Arabic sign. My biggest mistake was ordering the Mutton Curry over rice. Now it sounds good, and probably would be but when you are starting to have stomach problems, throwing down spicy Indian food would not be recommended. I was so hungry I scarfed it down, even throwing on the spicy red pepper sauce. By the time I was through I had downed the plate of food but also two 1 litre bottles of Sprite. Even then I left with my pants and shirt soaked in sweat. On the way back, I saw people lined up for ice cream. I was so hot that I had to have some, so I got a big cone. Adding milky ice cream to the mixture also was not good. After a last long walk around the dangerous city I went back to my room. Soon after the Georgetowns Revenge hit. I was on and off that toilet all night. I thought at one point that I had shot my spleen out my ass. My stomach was empty and I was still getting the runs. I knew the best cure was to keep drinking fluids but as soon as it went down my throat, it came leaking out my ass. It was terrible. I had so much gas it wasnít funny. I was burping, farting, and squirting into the next day. I had only eaten three times in the last three days. Once in Lethem, a questionable Chicken meal, some late night greasy Chinese food, and the overly spicy Indian food that night. The only other questionable thing was the sewer water showers I took from the Tropical Hell hotel. Who knows what was in that water. Not to mention all those mosquito bites. It could have been all my white blood cells getting overworked from all the bites. If I get Dengue Fever again, Iím flying directly to Antartica for the next year or two.


6 responses to “Day 60 Georgetown, Guyana”

  1. steve says:

    Judy, it did turn out to be Dengue. The doctor e-mailed me with the blood work. There really isn’t much you can do except ride it out for two weeks. The rash would have lasted a total of a week had I did nothing. It actually hits you twice. The drug thing was worth it and I would do it again. That rash sucked. I would take a fever over that any time. Now the Diarrea and puking maybe not.

  2. steve says:

    Mr. Guerra: As hard as I work I can be equally as lazy. There is no future in working!!!! I’m sure that will change if I run out of money. You can probably pick me up for $3.00 an hour and a apple at that point.

  3. steve says:

    Hola Tamika: No infection is going to kill me. Mugging yes, poisonous creature yes, eaten by something big yes, infections no. If you shoot enough varieties of drugs you can stop anything.

    Keep studying, remember its a big world out there. St. Thomas is like really, really tiny.

  4. steve says:

    Hank: Thanks for the link. I wish she would have wrote about having a rash. I guess its not really too good to be promoting your rashes to the world. Definately wouldn’t be to promising on the old life resume. I’ll add the rash to my “why I am such a good catch” listing.

  5. Agnes says:

    Hi Adventurous Friend,

    Finally I got to hear from you. It’s been a long time…. I’m soo glad you have your daily exciting dairy on internet. I’m hooked on your site. The first thing in the morning I read your adventures and I wish I was traveling with you….
    It is funny that you are drinking Sprite as a remedy. Just like me drinking wine…
    I missed cruising around with you in your ” baby”… Have you sold your car yet???
    I’m still in KW, but in September moving to Ft.Myers. A new begining..
    Take care Steve. Talk to you soon..
    Kisses, Agnes

  6. steve says:

    Agnes: Good to hear from you. Glad that you are still around.

    So are you giving up hiking through Chile with me? I thought that was the plan.

    Wine, Sprite, the great debate. Thats funny I forgot about that.

    Say hello to the Key West group if you see them. How is Marenga (sp?) and the puppy/dog?

    Good to hear from you.