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Day 57 Santa Elena, Ven

I woke up feeling blah. I was stuck another day in Santa Elena. I was no longer tired and wanted to be on the road. Two days of sitting around doing nothing was not what I needed. The day was a blur of unexcitement. A group of English students had just got back from the Roraima trek so they were all running out and about. I just hid in my room all day only surfacing to take a walk down to the Embassy to see if they had any preset hours for Visas and then down a road I hadnít walked before. Beyond that it was just another five banana day. The only quandry I had was the fact that two extra days meant that I over spent the amount of money I had to get across the border and would have to scrounge up some more cash to carry me until I got to Boa Vista. And to think, the English girls were going to cover my costs until we got there. We probably would have shared a room and had bubble baths together. Damn it. I went to bed with a schedule for the next morning so that hopefully I would be in Brazil by noon and Boa Vista by three. That would give me a few hours of sunlight to find a place to stay and get some funds so that I would no longer be broke. I packed my bags and set my alarm for 7am so I would be first in line at the embassy when they opened at 8am. I was reaaalllly looking forward to leaving Venezuela at that point. Its time to move one.


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