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Day 55 Santa Elena, Ven

I woke up feeling new and refreshed but with 60 year old thighs. So even though I was ready to go, my body was rejecting the idea. Luckily, Sam and Anna were in the same boat. I had grabbed my guide book and note pad to try and come up with a plan for the next leg of my trip. It took a while to make the decision because the easier route would also be the more fun one. I stayed true to the plan and started piecing together the route that would take me through Brazil and onwards to Guyana and Suriname. I met up with an English bloke who was also winging it and wanted to borrow my guide book to get some info on places to go and where to stay. We chatted for an hour or so as he took notes. Sam and Anne stopped by and hung out for a while before heading out for a late breakfast. More people came and went while I just sat there. I actually did not move for 6 hours. People were amazed at my ability to do absolutely nothing. I on the other hand knew of the incredible power I possessed to walk the border of being comatose. Around two o’clock we grabbed some lunch and did an in depth tour of the city. That took a total of about 45 minutes so we decided on a quick nap. That evening we got together and Anna had an urge to cook dinner. Sam wanted to go out so I was stuck making the decision. Sam really didn’t care so much about going out as much as he did not want to have to cook. I was then nominated to help Anna make dinner. We spent another hour walking the city picking up ingredients from around the city. The next hour was spent peeling and dicing. In the end we had a huge meal of pasta bolognase with “French” bread and cake for dessert. It was actually nice having a home cooked meal.

Since it was Friday night, we decided to hit the town. We bar hopped until we hit every establishment that served beer. It seems that all things revolve around a pool hall. Even the discoteches were part of a pool hall. It was a bit weird, but we shot a few rounds. Finally, at the late hour of 1am we went to bed. 1 am might not seem real late, but when you are traveling and especially trekking, 10pm is considered a late night. With that we put Santa Elena to bed.


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