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Day 40 Salto Angel (Angel Falls)

I guess to give an idea of what I was facing I will post the picture of the disease that freaking stopped me in my tracks. I am sure some of my ĻfriendsĻ are questionable about my manhood and the volume of my whining. Now I am holding back pictures of the more sensitive areas, but if pushed I will post them. I am altering my diagnosis (Yes, I am qualified, I have probably watched 5000 hours of Medical Tv shows like ER, Becker, MASH, etc.) I am still getting spiking fevers and body aches especially when I am out and about. At nights I am getting so dizzy and loopy that I almost have to sit down. It gets to the point that I feel Iīm drunk or stoned. Popping tylenols help, but they wear off just as prescribed in a few hours or so. I also got like a rash in my mouth because my gums were puffy and bleeding for a day. The veins in my legs are still there. They are veins because I slashed one and it gushed blood. Just wanted to make sure it wasnīt worms. Thank god the rash went away. After my personal dose, it did go away that night but the next morning I had six bumbs on my right arm and four on my chest. I was going to freak out but the tingles that I had got before werenīt there so I hoped for the best. Slowly they dried up and disappeared. I am rash free. So with this thing going on for 10 days now, I am voting Malaria. I am going to try a Malaria bomb and take quad Malarone pills for a few days to see if that will knock it out. After that I am going to vote for plague and then I am going to take a bath with leeches or sacrifice a virgin.

Well, I have had enough of the sickness shit. It is time to cowboy up so I am going into the Jungle. Maybe the best cure is to double up on the disease. Iīm going to do a three day tour to Salto Angel (Angel Falls.) Basically, it is a hour and a half flight into the Parque Nacional Canaima, to the city of Canaima. Canaima is only accessible by plane. From there a four hour ride up the river to the Falls. Then a little jungle hike. Basically, Angel Falls is the highest in the world. Now canīt pass that up. It is a fairly touristy place so it should now be too strenuous. I can ask the indians for some natural cures. As long as they donīt hand me a needle I will try anything.

When I get back, I am tentively scheduling getting on a bus and taking a 9 hour ride south to the border of Brasil to the town of Santa Elena. There is the jump off point to Roraima, one of the highest Tepuis in the Gran Sabana. Now this is the one that is going to kill me. Its a five day hike and climb with two days at the top. You get heat, rain, Jejenes (biting flies which causes itching for days), and a ton of hiking and climbing. This one can get a little sketchy if I am not feeling better.

Thats it for now, see you in a few days. Donīt hesitate and make the picture above your screen background. Your day isnīt quite so bad anymore is it.


7 responses to “Day 40 Salto Angel (Angel Falls)”

  1. steve says:

    Judy I see people selling Mango slices but I have never checked to see if they are dried or fresh. They might even be salted. I am sure that those dehydrators or like your doing with the oven is the best way. I havenīt been eating many mangoes but I am up to 87 on the banana count.

    No, Mom does not know that I am on this trip. I have actually not told very many people. For some reason I think I would get lectures from them about how I should now be injecting myself with drugs and eating questionable food from questionable people on the side of the road, and spending exhorbinant amounts of time sleeping in love hotels.

    At the moment I still believe that my lifestyle is best told when I am done rather than before or as I do things, especially in regards to the parents and family.

  2. Judy says:

    Oh my GAWD!!!! I think you should feel lucky to be alive!!

    Am looking forward to your Angel Falls dissertation. I hope you find some knowledgeable Indians and get yourself well!!

    So where does your mother think you are??? Does she not have this blog address titled (For Mom, Love, Steve)?

  3. Judy says:

    Hey Steve, check this website out. And I remember having fever, aches and tingliness when I had cigaterra poisoning (from fish) for the 2nd and 3rd time. But I have a feeling you got dengue fever with all those mosquitos you were battling. Well, malaria, too. Judy

  4. Judy says:

    Here I am again. I showed my friend your rash picture and she immediately said you should get in touch with an ‘on line’ doctor. Just search on google, tell them your symptoms and you should be able to connect with someone who can help you. I spose you’re on your way to Angel Falls and won’t need this info after dealing with the Indians that cured you! Judy

  5. GUERRA says:


  6. hank says:

    Heres a link to another bootsnall blogger who got dengue fever – see if she has any advice

  7. tamika says:

    wow steve, that is bad……….. i hope that moves on really fast. well i guess you are still determined with your tour however, if it gets worse i think you should at elwst stop and get treatment for it then continue your tour. Be SAFE and GOOD LUCH steve