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Day 388 Sao Paulo, Brazil: The boot hunt.


The flight was a blur. In and out of REM sleep, barely able to stay awake long enough to drink my plastic cup of Guarana, and eat the two packets of crackers. We arrive and I want out. Usually I am the reserved passenger who has way too much free time and just sits in the seat until everyone else gets off. This time I was one of the passengers who is up before the place comes to a complete halt. I knew I was sleep deprived and cranky when I wanted to yell at the idiots up front who canít follow the person in front of them and get off the damn plane. I am still in a shitty mood when I slice my way to the front of the luggage turnstile thinking about kicking the luggage carts out of my way as they clog the front row. Lazy bastards. My mood is a bit better as I find the public bus stop. No taxis and I have even given up on using the airport shuttles. I am the bus man.

One hour later and I am back in the business district where the hostel is located. I nailed the right bus and was able to recognize the stop I needed to get off on only two stops past. Hey, I didnít say I had it mastered. It was a short walk, but I made it back to the hostel. Got set up, started reading a book and passed out in my dorm bed.

At around 2pm it was my last attempts at boot hunting. There was the biggest mall in Sao Paulo to hit and my last shot at getting something before Africa. I did some research and there is a company in Capetown that sells some stuff, so I just might get lucky there. I also would like to see if I could pick up one of the guide books before I get there as well. So, its off on the Metro to hit the Shopping Norte.

It was a huge extravagant mall and I did find two Rossignol brand boots, but they were in the $275US range and that was just a bit much. Nice boots but come on. After a shitload of walking I wanted to get back to the hostel and relax. I stopped by the grocery store for my usual pasta meal and headed back. A early dinner, a shower, finished reading the rest of the book (once you start you must finish), and relaxed the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, I need to pick up my ticket, see about getting some US$ís and possible some travelers checks. I might hit the central area and do some sight seeing as I have the whole day. They have another mall there so I just might have one more shot at finding some boots. Beyond that, its countdown.


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