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Day 387 Salvador, Brazil: 17 hours of waiting.

As I sit in the airport on hour 12, I figure its a good time to get some of these last entries finished. Now, why 17 hours of waiting? Well, at the time, I was trying to throw together a plan for the last two weeks of South America. I spent one morning in Sao Paulo trying to put something together. Brazil is so huge that I couldn’t get anywhere by bus, so flying was the only option. Well, Gol Airlines, Brazils discount airlines, has a web only special pricing system. Now, like usual, they advertise a great deal, but you have to find it, and two it has to fit your availabilities. For me, time was on my side, so finding it was the only tough part. While I was searching, the main factor that I looked for was price. There were flights that at regular price just wasn’t going to happen. Well, the plan came together and the flights did to, hell, I even got the low ball prices. The one snag was this flight. The special price flight was for this ungodly hour of 3:45am. It was cheap because you were going to pay in other ways. For me, it meant a check out of my hotel at 11am and then a sit and wait at the airport. Options come to mind, and I did factor through them, but nothing was reasonable. I could just stay another night, but that would mean paying for another night and a huge taxi cost since the buses wouldn’t run at that early of a time and the Barra area is almost 35kms away. It would have been at least $100R, almost the price of the flight. I actually tried to see about staying at one of the love motels by the airport, but the prices were going to be the same for the hotel, so I just said forget it. Going out and wasting some time wasn’t feasible because it is hot, humid, and rainy. As soon as you go out for a little while, your drenched in sweat and feel nasty. That was not how I wanted to feel for 17 hours and then a few more hours on a plane. So, I did the only reasonable thing, I sat on my ass.

The first four hours I spent in the hallway seperating the Airport and the attached shopping mall. Basically, it was just people watching. After that long of a period without moving I think the salesgirl in the booth in front of me thought I was stalking her, so I took a walk downstairs and found a nice chair to sit out a couple more hours. I found a outside sitting area for smokers, so that was a breath of fresh air outside for a couple more hours. Next was in the Shopping mall in front of the CD music shop for some video watching through the windows. Again the stalker feeling set in so after a few more it was back outside to hang with the cancer patients. Around 10pm I hit the food court because I wanted to get some food before they closed up as I still had a ways to go. A really expensive hamburger meal which was just plain shit and some tv time got me until now, midnight. I figured I should get some writing done as when I finally get to Sao Paulo I will have two full days and one half day before my leap to Africa so I want to get as much prepping done as possible.

Africa. The plan of attack just ain’t happening. I think I am just going to wing it and prep for it when I get there. The guide book was just too expensive so I just read as much as I could in the book store and will rely on info when I get there. I never had a chance or I was actually too lazy to get my shots so a bit unprotected there. Malaria pills, nope. Mosquito net, nope. Credit card, nope. Travelers checks, nope. A route, nope. This is going to be fun.

Well, that wat 23 minutes, four hours to go…..

2am and I am going looney. I am tired and bored. Things are taking on the psychadelic effect with way too much staring and loss of focusing. One more hour to check in and then I can relax. The flight is just over two hours, not long enough.



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  1. michaelohanlon says:

    Hey Steve. Been a long time buddy! The tour of South America sounds like a great adventure. South Africa – would love to go there with Tricia sometime but it will have to be the expensive way!!
    Take good care out there and let me know if I can ever help out.