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Day 361 Montevideo, Uruguay: I should of bought the other boots.


The condition of my boots have gotten to the alarming state. Glueing lasts about a half the day as the split on the sides are running about a third of the way and getting bigger. The glue doesn’t have the bonding power for that kind of gap. Besides, the glop of glue is starting to become a tripping hazard.

Unfortunately, one of the things on my to do lists was another day of shopping. Shopping is a double edged sword because it gives me a reason to go wandering the streets, but on the other hand, it is still shopping and more than an hour of shopping is enough.

I still wanted to do my city wandering, so I started off the day taking a walk along the city center. The hotel where I am staying is centrally located, so I was only a block away from the main drag. It was your usual mix of shops and businesses with either hotels, apartments,. or offices above them. Montevideo felt pretty much like Buenos Aires but in a lot smaller package.

The old town runs down to the Peninsula and that is also where the old colonial buildings are located. They had some nice old style buildings which are picturesque, but now actually house the poorer population of the city. During the day it is stately and picturesque, but at night it becomes the dangerous part of town.

Down at the end of the Peninsula was a long pier that was the end of the port. When I got there I was surprised to see at least a hundred people fishing along its edges. Now that was a welcome sight. Fishing is my solitude. It looked like most were fishing for some sort of tiny herring as some were using Sabiki style multi hook rigs with cane poles that must have been thirty feet long. Others used scoop nets tethered to the end of long poles. Other guys were fishing for bigger stuff using standard rods and reels. It was a good couple of hours of wandering around as the pier extended out at least a hundred yards.

After my extended walk along the boardwalk, I headed back for some Chorizo sandwich energy boosts. I was pretty wore out from the touring so I ended up relaxing in the hotel for a few hours getting a few blog entries written up.

My plan for the evening was to hit the two malls in town. One of the malls was actually the bus terminal as well so I could stop by there to check on boots and to check on bus times for my next trip. They also had signs for free wireless internet in the food court, so that would save me a dollar or two. I got the info from the owners daughter who also told me about the main mall that was a half hour outside of town and which buses I needed to take.

The first leg of the bus to the main terminal was fairly easy as I had just done it the night before. At the mall they had nothing in the way of hiking boots. They were ninety percent cosmetic tennis shoes. I found out that the buses ran every half an hour for my next trip, so that made things easy. This is where things got a little tougher.

When I went to find a bus to take me to this next mall, I kept getting conflicting information on which bus and which bus stop to go. A lady told me which bus to look for but was very non-specific about which stop to go to. She just basically told me which direction to start walking and look for the big street. That got me nowhere. I found another guy to tell me which bus to take and when I got on that bus, the guy told me it was the wrong bus. It was the right number, but it was a different bus with the same number. What the hell. I thought they were just playing screw with the tourist, but the driver was nice enough to pull over at one of the stops that I should wait at. With a new list of bus numbers I waited. Ten minutes later one of them pulled up. It was already close to 8:30pm and I was kind of worried about what hours the mall had. We drove and drove and drove. I asked a girl that was next to me and she said it was pretty far and that I couldn’t miss it because the terminal where the bus ended was at the mall. We drove for about forty five minutes before arriving at their mall.

Now the mall was pretty new and pretty much your standard spit shined shopping mall. It took me twenty minutes to walk both floors and every store. There was no boots to be found. I stopped at a couple of shoe stores to ask and neither place know of anywhere in the city that sold them. Oh shit. I should have picked up the ones in Buenos Aires. I always screw myself because I want to make sure I don’t miss out on something. My foot is going to start squirting out the side in another couple of days and if the capital city of Uruguay has no boots, no rinky dink town in Uruguay is going to have them either. That means I would have to wait to Brazil, and there would be no guarantees there either as they have more flip flops than anything.

Luckily the bus ride back was fairly painless as it was coming along 10pm and the main flood of people were home having dinner. I made my way back to the Chorizo sandwich place for a late nighter and then called it a day.


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