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Day 355 Buenos Aires, Argentina: Fitting in, things to do.


I’m still not a big fan of big cities and although Buenos Aires holds an aire of refinement and mystery, it still wasn’t all that exciting to me. What was enjoyable was having all the running around to do. This way, it felt like I actually lived there and rubbed elbows with the locals as I ran my errands.

The night before after an exhausting couple of hours searching the net to no avail, I got the bright idea of just looking in the Yellow pages. There it was a page of camera repair places. Heck, there was even a Kodak authorized service repair place. There were two other places that looked reasonable so I had their info to go give them a look.

Back on the Metro, I went back to pick up my camera. I figured it wouldn’t be a hassle at all seeing that I just went to one place that just happened to be a couple of blocks from the first place I asked. Things were looking good.

Back on the Metro, it was to head to the central shopping area of BA. The first stop was the Kodak service place. It was about ten blocks from the Metro so it took a little bit of walking, but at least I got to see the shopping/theater areas. The place was packed with people and cars. City life. When I found the place, it looked more like a eye glasses place than a camera shop. Right off the guy said that there was no fixing the lens and it would have to be shipped back to Kodak. He estimated 45 days. Screw that.

The next place was more of a hardcore camera shop with camera stuff all packed into the little store. It was fairly busy with people dropping off or picking up their cameras in plastic dust bags. The guy took one look and said nope. Crap. He then went to the back to ask somebody else and the same. Double crap. Another guy chimed in about another shop that might be able to help and he got the address for me. At least these guys were cool and it made me feel like they were being honest with me. That on the other hand signified that I was screwed. These guys knew their stuff and it took all of two seconds for them to know it wasn’t fixable. The one guy even commented it was a shame as it was a good camera. Dammmmnn.

Off I went to the place they suggested. I was getting a real work out. Nothing was panning out, but it felt good wandering through the city with at least a reason to do so. I think it adds to your senses when you are on a mission rather than just looking for some plaza or statue to take a picture of because your supposed to according to some guide book.

Again, two seconds, and nope.

I thought it over. I could send the camera back to the states to get switched out through Kodaks replacement program, but that would cost $150US. I would still have to pay for shipping there and back, and expediting would probably be around $50-100US per way. That would not include the wait time of having to stay somewhere for two weeks at the minimum. I was looking at $500US even doing that. I quickly decided to cut my losses and to take it back to the first place that I lucked out upon.

Back on the Metro and I was back, okaying the price and dropping the camera off once again. The turn around time was going to be three days which was not that bad. At worse I would have to wait until monday to pick it up or I could get lucky and have it by Friday. Either way it wasn’t too bad. I would say that I was really bothered about the $130US, but when you are denied by every other place, having that one place to say they can was priceless.

Although it seemed like a lot, I still wasn’t done. BA was going to be the start of my Africa planning. I had learned that flights out of BA to Africa could actually be cheaper than out of Brazil. When I searched the net, it was correct. I figured I would hit the Airline office and see what the real deal was. This entailed more Metro training and the financial district of BA.

At the Malaysian Air Office, weird huh, the only flight to Africa was a Malaysian Airline that flew out of Buenos Aires, South America. Oh well. They had a price for around a grand for the months of May, June, and August. In July was peak season and the prices jumped. That was very important in that I still had to do Paraguay, Uruguay, and South Brazil. This would determine how fast I would need to travel. Already I was getting a little bit tired of South America, but a few weeks on the beaches in Brazil were in order for some relax time. This gave me a little bit of scheduling info I needed. The Brazil prices that I had been pulling up were about three hundred dollars more than out of BA, so it would look like I would have to do the other sections and then return to BA which would require some extra time. At least I knew what I had to factor in for my upcoming travels.

I spent the rest of the evening hitting a dog park that was close by, and wandering down a few colonial areas of town.

Running errands is some tiring work. I need a day off. And tomorrow I was taking it.


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