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Day 353 Ushuaia, Argentina: I’m outta here.


With a flight scheduled for 9pm, the whole day was open. The blog did take longer than I expected to upload as the pictures were behind farther than the writing. If you haven’t noticed, some of the photos had to be retouched as my high zoom camera got dropped on the last day of the Torres Del Paine trek and now has a nice chip in the lens. The spot is pretty big and is in the mid upper right corner. So any picture from that camera I had to do some PhotoShopping to get it cleaned up. Add that to the list of things to do in Buenos Aires.

Half of the Hostel had gone off to do the Park trek, luckily I had already done it, and was a lot easier to say no to when Rachel asked if I wanted to go again. The other half were the newbies from the night before and they were off doing the first day scouting. Later they hit a boat tour. For me I hit the couch and later on in the day I moved to the next couch because the sun was coming through the window and creating a glare. Everyone commented on my hardcore couch sitting capabilities.

Lunch/dinner consisted of a steak with well, nothing. Just steak. That’s the secret, a all meat diet washed down with Fanta. Food of the gods.

Finally, 8pm came around and after goodbyes, it was off to the airport without a snow flake in sight. The airport was surprisingly packed as the one flight cancellation booked the rest of the flights solid. Not much to elaborate on besides the usual airport waiting and such. On the plane, I was surprised at how crunched up we were. Even the buses in Bolivia had more room. The jet was medium/small and had this weird two seat, aisle, three seat layout. Luckily, I had a window seat and was able to scrunch up next to it. A good surprise came when the attendant announced our flight time to be 2 hours 50 minutes. Shit, I was expecting 4-5 hours. What took me three weeks to do, and an estimated 40+ hours by bus was done in less than three hours. Flying is good. Steve needs to fly more. On board we got a little dinner lasagna and drinks. Not too bad. The flight was short and sweet just how I like them.

We got in just before midnight. Another lucky turn was that we flew into the domestic airport which was basically in the center of town. No need for an expensive taxi or transfer. This was going to be cake. That is until I had my first interaction with a big city taxi driver.

Got into the taxi line and was going to share a taxi with another backpacker but she was going down into town while I was going just around the corner. The first negative sign was when the taxi driver didn’t do anything to help with my bag. No trunk, nothing. When I opened up the front door to ask him to open the trunk he just grunted and pointed at the front seat. Fine, no problem, I dropped the bag into the seat. Inside the car he gave me the hands in the air sign, like “where are we going?” It was kind of in a sarcastic way to boot.

I told him “Thames 1212, Palermo.”

Again the hands in the air. “Thames 1212, Palermo.” Hands.

I changed it to “Thamas” making it a soft “a”. Nothing.

Finally, I handed over the guide pages and he pulled out his glasses to read them. “Tomas.” He said in disgust. “Thames” is American it is not “Thames” it is “Tomas.”

“Fine, no problem.”

He then comes up with “You understand Nueva York, and New York.” Now he was just being a dick. I told him it was the same thing I could understand both it wasn’t that difficult. It doesn’t take a lot to figure out what someone is saying. You just gotta try. He gave me this glare.

Finally I just “Vamos, Vamos.”

He replied “This is not a combi (bus), we don’t vamos.”

God, what a prick. I could see it now, this was going to get ugly when we got to the hostel. I also noticed that he did not turn the meter on so he could come up with whatever price he wanted. This was definitely going to get ugly.

When we got to the street, he pulled over. I looked at the street numbers and we were still way off. I had to tell him to keep going. He went about three building and would stop. I had to keep telling him to keep going. Finally we got to the hostel. I asked how much and he said $15A. Now, that wasn’t too bad, but I figured it had to be less because he was a prick. I told him that it always costed $8A. He just shrugged his shoulders and said something about the standard airport rate being $15A, but when I handed him the $8A he just took it. I grabbed my bags and walked off. That was it. Later, I asked the hostel guy how much the taxi should have been and he said $15A. Whoops. Oh, well.

The hostel was definitely not as nice as the one in Ushuaia. I was really only going there to catch up with Sean, Ama, Toni, and Linea, for their last day in town. At first I was going to San Telmo the more Tango centered area, but their hostel was actually really close to the airport and being almost 1am, I didn’t want to be wandering the streets.

After checking in, I hit the streets for some food before calling it a night around 2:30am.


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