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Day 326 Pucon, Chile: R&R

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After teetering with frost bite all night, I was ready to head back to civilization. The weather had changed and it was looking like rain. That would make for a uncomfortable walk down, so I made it an early day. The clouds rolled in so the views weren’t all that great anyway.

One thing that I have learned on all these hikes is that I prefer perfectly flat walking. Now I might say that I am a good climber and I prefer that, but as I am going up, it sucks. The whole time looking up and straining my way I am just hoping for some down hill. Now, when the down hill comes, that sucks to. You have to walk at a funky ankle, you have to pay super attention to where you are walking, toe nail damage happens a lot from the constant pressure, your calves get hammered, and the weight from the pack is hard to keep balanced. Perfectly flat with perfect weather. Thats what I like.

On the way down I ran into another hiker. He was another restaurant worker. Being out of peak tourist season these guy do a lot of hiking. It really worked out for me however as he had a truck and drove me back into town. Another $1400C saved. Not bad.

I debated on going to a hostel but it hadn’t started raining yet and it was a lot warmer in Pucon. My other bag was in storage so I picked it up and headed down to the lake where the camp sites were. I found a nice place and set up camp. There was a cool cocker spaniel with great locks and a tabby cat that I named Devils spawn. I don’t know where that cat came from but it was just plain evil. I never had to defend myself against a cat. All it kept wanting to do was to be carried. I don’t think cats are supposed to leap up from the ground into your arms. I had to keep moving around to keep it away. Eating food was really interesting with the thing not begging but just stinking its head into my pot.

With it starting to rain and I guess a bit cold as I could see my breath, it felt like summer to me though coming from the high lands, I hung out in my tent with my computer spouting out heat and my cool home built sun.

They had a great recreation/kitchen/dining room that I was allowed to use. It was sweet cooking on a real stove top.

R&R is the best way to describe my evening/night.


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