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Day 317 Guess where.


Hint: Siete dias en Tibet. Make that Siete Anos en Tibet.

Segundo: Brad Pitt.


As my mom put it, “I don’t get it.” Well, I guess when one of the clues is wrong, it makes it kind of difficult. It should have read Siete anos en Tibet. I am sure that most caught that, had you watched the movie, alas I would not have been one of them since I have never heard of the thing until I got here.

The place is Upsallata, Argentina, the location where the film “Seven Years in Tibet” starring Brad Pitt was shot. Again, I never heard about it before, so its a surprise to me as well. I did look up a little blurb on it after I changed the days to years, and found out that it was shot there because of political/war issues in and around Tibet at the time. In fact, some of the actors in the film were banned from China because of it. One of the highlights of the film were the scenery, and I guess it mirrors those of Tibet and the Himalayas so it must be pretty keen. Well, I thought it was.

Brad Pitt is in my opinion a good actor. I like most of the films that he has been in. Now, in a old school sword battle, I would take Russel Crow in Gladiator over Pitt in Troy, but in a modern day war, hands down, Spiderman. Sorry, I only have Spiderman I and II, and Troya.

Well, that is all I have to say about that. The municipal campsite was only a few blocks away from the center and was another shady, clean campground. The only snag was that I went with the recommendation of the Tourist info place and went to a different campground first, where there was nobody working, so I had to walk all the way back and to the municipal one.

With this being saturday, the place got packed in the evening with last minute campers getting their last night in before the end if Semana Santa/Easter. The night was a pretty active one with a lot of barbecues and music.

The town itself is basically a crossroads where the four different roads take you to different directions and destinations. It was still very touristy as it was in the hub of different activities. They had horses lining the streets for tourists to ride and the Tibetan Cafe catching pretty much every gringo passing through. A nice place that I knew I wanted to relax in for a couple of days.

The cold front that came through Mendoza is still passing and it got damn cold at night. During the day in the sun, because of the elevation, its nice. You could get away with shorts and t-shirts. When the sun goes down, the old breathing smoke goes into effect.


2 responses to “Day 317 Guess where.”

  1. Arthurito says:

    Hey budy! I’m far away across the field, back to the holly yellow and green samba country. A glimpse at these pictures, and I’m back, all sweated, strugling to survive, lost on the horizon! HOW WONDERFUL! Wish you luck pal. May the force be with you.

  2. Steve says:

    Senor Arturito.

    ┐Como estas?

    I am glad you wrote. I lost my guidebook section that had your e-mail on it. I wanted to e-mail some of the photos to you in higher quality. I should be in Brasil in about two months. I┤ll try and get a hold of you and buy a Fanta. Maybe we can scale a mountain or two. If not the beach with bikini clad Brasilianas will do.

    So what happened after Colca Canyon? The owner of the hostel and I watched you walk up the canyon. She said that you didn┤t look to healthy. I told her it was because of the rocks and kitchen sink that you were carrying in your overpacked backpack.