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Day 316 Mendoza, Argentina: Tent life of a bum.


Not to much to mention today since I didnít leave the camping grounds at all. Since I had my stash of food there was no need to head into town. I was also super lazy so that helped as well. The weather really changed and it is very cold even during the day. My teddy bear pants and 0C sleeping bag worked great. The campground was packed with tents last night with many visitors on vacation for Semana Santa.

Letís see.

I got up around 8am because I had to pee. Went back to sleep though.

Got up at 1pm and had lunch of a banana, and a chicken soup I made with the left over chicken, pasta, tomatoes, and corn. A few sticks of french bread and I had a great lunch.

Went back in and took a three hour nap.

Got out at pm to take a shower before the droves of people come back from their day trips.

Back in at 7pm and not planning on leaving again with the exception of another bathroom break.

Not too much blog action to get out of that so thats about it.

I did pull out my Chile section of my guidebook to get a head start since I am only about six hours away. The prices shocked me with camping costing $10-15US and hostels starting at $10. Even buses are going to be 50% higher than Argentina and that was too high. I might have to re-think my Chile plans. I do know that I will be visiting Santiago and possibly Varaparaiso, but after that is still up in the air.


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