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Day 314 Mendoza, Argentina: Buuuuuuuuusssssssss ride.


I actually was up without even needing the alarm clock. My stuff was totally packed so all I had to do was throw on my already prepared clothes, brush my teeth, and I was out.

Since it was early in the day the terminal was fairly active with people arriving after their over night bus. I had not seen which type of bus the company used, but I was hoping for a nice one since it was going to be a long ride and Argentina is known for their high class buses. When mine showed up it was just a normal hoopty bus. Now, it was way better than anything that I had in Bolivia, but not what I was hoping for. It wasn’t even a semi-cama where the seats fold back where your almost horizontal. Oh well. We boarded a short time later with only a few people, maybe half full. I sat next to a couple of old ladies who were like giddy school girls. They talked non-stop the whole time laughing and joking around.

I was able to sleep for a lot of the ride, but we also stopped a lot which was nice and had a few short breaks where we could get out and walk around. I had made four sandwiches and had three pears, so I was set with food. The only thing I forgot was some sweets like suckers or chocolate, but the pears were good enough.

We finally pulled into Mendoza after eleven hours of being on the road. I was more than ready to get going.

My first stop was at the terminal tourist office to pick up a map and see what they had for recommendations to stay. They just had the standard map and the list of all the hotels. I already had in mind where I wanted to stay so I headed off. Since I had been doing a lot of camping I decided I would do the hostel thing for a couple of nights since the town seemed like there was a lot of other backpackers. The first two places that I went were booked which worried me. I decided to go to the main tourist office to see what they had. I lucked out and got a guy who didn’t ask any questions but just got right on the phone and found me a hostel that had a bed. With the map I was off.

The hostel turned out to be a nice bed and breakfast that had one dorm room. It was going for the price of $20A which seemed like a lot especially for a dorm room. Since it was already nightfall and after a long day, I wasn’t in the mood for much more walking. I met an Argentinian guy who lived down in Southern Argentina. He filled me in on why every place was so booked. It was Semana Santa, holy week. Basically, it is our Easter week. The place was filled with vacationers from Argentina and Chile. Great. The other guy in the room was a Japanese tourist but I only ran into him coming and going. Not much else was going on so I pretty much ended up walking around for a little while and then heading back. Around midnight, three Argentina skateboarders showed up. They were traveling around skateboarding. With that, my day was done.

Since I only had the bed for the night since they had people who reserved all of them coming, I had to leave the next day. I figured with the holidays most places were going to be full and the prices were all going to be jacked up. I delved with just leaving, but Mendoza had a good feel to it, so I figured I would just head out to the campgrounds which were about 6km out of town. There was an easily accessible bus so it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle.


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