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Day 299 Villazon, Bolivia: Recovery.


I had a decent nights sleep with bouts of getting up and playing Counter-Strike and watching Spiderman. I figured I would just laze around and doze in and out. It did turn out to be a cold when my nose started to get stuffed. Usually it takes about another day to finish the cold cycle. Even without the sniffles, I knew that I would need at least another day before I crossed the border.

Villazon is Bolivia’s border town with La Quiaca being Argentina’s. Pretty much your basic dusty border town. The weather was nice and sunny so that made it pleasant enough. Being up at 3440M still catches you every once in a while with the breathing, but overall it was an okay break place.

I spent the day going in and out of the hotel for short walks. One of the more interesting things I did was to walk to the border and see how much black market was going on. They literally had hundreds of people being human mules carrying flour and other goods across the border. The people formed one big chain with them going to the Argentinian side picking up whatever merchandise and then walking across a side bridge to Bolivia, dropping off the goods, and then running back to the Argentinian side via a secondary bridge with the whole time never using the main transportation bridge where the immigration offices were. At least a lot of people were getting some kind of income even though it was probably very little.

I also spent some time at the Central plaza and the market, just wandering around buying cups of Jello and fruit, trying to spend the last $100B bill I found in my other wallet. Although it is only about $12.50US, and $30B is going toward the hotel, it is virtually impossible to spend that amount here. Bolivia is just so grand in that regards.

The rest of my time I spent locked in my room trying to get caught up on the blog since I am almost two weeks behind. They don’t have very good internet here so I will wait until I go to Argentina tomorrow to upload all my stuff so I can close out Bolivia.

So as I sign off, a couple of swigs of mystery elixir, a pear, some C-S, and off to lala land I go.


2 responses to “Day 299 Villazon, Bolivia: Recovery.”

  1. steve says:

    Now Jerry.

    Those curbs down there might seem like they were for detouring rain water, but in actuality (a fact very few people know,) it was a deliberate plan by the government (the same ones that discriminate against the unemployed (that being me,) to obstruct the ability of normal men to hop curbs on their bikes. If you look at them, they were built with a steep descent of the road into a concave angleing curb which if you take into effect gravity would make it virtually impossible to jump because as the front wheel goes down the steep embankment, the top of the curb actually protrudes out farther so in order to clear it you would have to do a reverse gravity defying pull back and then over type of jump that is just not feasible when you look at it on paper or try to figure our what I just wrote.

    So therefore, at least I am not a quitter like you.

    Steve ¨Falling just means you are willing to test your limits.¨ Nakano

  2. steve says:


    I am fine. Just a lot of stuff this last two weeks. Going to lay low for a day or two and get things caught up.

    Anyway, it´s not like I got killed and rolled in some ditch somewhere. Well, sort of. Bad joke.