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Day 297 Tupiza, Bolivia: Jade and me.



We both were pretty tired and woke up a little later in the morning. I had neglected my Counter-Strike playing, so I played a little while Gabriella went outside to check out the sun. She came back in excitedly to tell me that there was a couple on a tandem-bike with a trailer and a little girl. I heard her go out and talk to them in English for a little while and then a excited shrill when she found they spoke French as well. They were from Switzerland and were on a two year tour going from the south of Argentina to Alaska. They had a little girl who rode in the trailer attached to the bike. They talked for a while outside and then came in to check out Gabriella’s bike. While they were talking, I was sitting on the bed listening to them chat away in French about each others travels. While they were talking a little girl with big blue eyes, and almost white blonde hair peeked in through the doorway. As soon as she saw me, she was hopping on my feet, playing with my bright yellow rope, and then hopped on my bed dancing to the music and playing with the laptop keyboard. From then on we were the best of friends with me being the big Teddy bear that just followed her around. The parents were pretty happy with someone else to hold her attention for a while and we were in an enclosed patio, so we had free will over the place.

Dominique, Sara, and little Jade were from Switzerland. They were nurses back at home who decided it would be good to do a bike riding tour from far south to far north. They had a special tandem bike with trailer which was basically a family u-haul with peddle power.

For the rest of the day we pretty much hung out together with me and Jade just running around the complex, or more specifically, with me following Jade around. She spoke French but had picked up the word “Vamos,” so basically, she said “vamos”, and I followed her around.

In the evening Gabriela and I hit the market to pick up some stuff for a vegetarian dinner for the five of us. Later we hit a local market for some more stuff. Back at the hostel, we all split up dicing, chopping, and stirring. We had a vegetable soup with a second of vegetables and rice and fruit for desert. It was really refreshing for all of us to be able to cook a meal since we spent a lot of time eating at market restaurants or from street stalls. After dinner, Jade and I played run, fall, and laugh until I couldn’t do it anymore and she was worn out. When she went to bed, the grown ups pulled out the tandem bike and we took turns riding around the streets. Later we just chilled on the patio and exchanged travel tales.


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