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Day 209 Banos, Ecuador: Rain, rain, rain…

Rain sucks. After my sloggy down hill run of Cotopaxi, it made for another day of sporting events in the rain sound less than appealing. It was kind of a bummer seeing all the activities that could be done and not being able, but I had a few days so it wasn’t too mucch of a let down. After getting just as wet as bicycling down a volcano, I gave up and headed back to the room. My clothes still were muddy and caked with volcano dust, so I spent a good couple of hours taking a shower and doing my laundry at the same time. Earlier I had found out that I had left my laundry brush in Popayon, which surprisingly pissed me off more than the ten bottles of shampoo that I have left so far. It cost $..50 but it still pissed me off.

One thing that is a major difference between holiday season in the states and here in Ecuador, is that the Christmas holiday is a lot more grass roots. The retail aspect of the “shopping season” isn’t quite all that important here. A few shops had some Christmas lights, but in general, I don’t think it was much different than any other holiday. Now, the church on the other hand was standing room only. For me, I much prefer the Ecuadorian way. I don’t think that people freak out as much here not to mention the debt that follows back home.

The only other memorable thing that I found was some kick ass juice. In the central market, they have people selling juices. They have these big jars of different colors of juices. I played it safe and got a glass of Mora (Blackberry,) and got a chance to sample all the different fruit juices. They were all amazing and full of texture. My favorite was the mixed fruit juice where it is basically like drinking a fruit cocktail. While I was there a guy ordered a cool one which consisted of a bottle of beer, eggs, juices, and aloe.

Christmas Eve just turned out to be another relaxing day wandering the streets and sampling food. Not too exciting, but still very memorable.


2 responses to “Day 209 Banos, Ecuador: Rain, rain, rain…”

  1. tranger says:

    Just got back from a trip to Mexico and I discovered a fruit there called “pintaya”. Great juice! Try it if you run across it.

  2. Steve says:

    Tranger: Sounds vaguely familiar. Have a description because sometimes different places have different names. I`ll ask at the markets.