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Day 20 Tobago

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Today was going to be my off day. I kind of learned from Katie and Jason (Dominica), that it?s okay to have a slow day after a hard/bad trek. After yesterday, my arms and legs were scratched up and looking a bit infected. My feet and specifically my toes hurt when I walked. I don?t want to hear it. Toe cuts are a bitch. Anyways, Bernadette and I were going to do a quick snorkel that morning. I lazed around and healed, making a mental list of things I wanted to do while in Charlotteville. Around 10am we went and did our usual round of snorkeling. I made my usual check for the Ray and Snake but no luck. I guess I?ll have to wait until South America to be bitten by a poisonous snake. I will be very disappointed if I don?t get killed by a poisonous snake on this trip. Knowing that I have kind of slacked off I did get a chance to do a long swim since my toes did not cause me any problems in the water. Oh, by the way, Sea Urchin wound, still hurts. Got a perfect hole in my foot and it still stings when I walk barefoot. One thing I refuse to do is die by one of those little bastards. I think I will wait until I hit South America and hit a doctor. Its kind of embarrassing doing the ooooh ooooh ahhh ahhh dance when walking around the rocky beach. It kind of lessens my Jungle Man status.

After the snorkel we split company and I went back to my room to figure out which plan of attack I was going to do. In order to simplify things, any time I say that I am going to ?plan? something, it really means I went to take a nap. Just to be honest with everybody. So after my two hours of ?planning?, I got out of bed and decided to make a little walk around town to figure out the road that takes you out of town. The three things that I still wanted to do was to take a taxi up the hill to the Flagstaff Road which you can hike and will take you to the far Eastern point where you can see another Island. There was supposed to be some good bird watching as they circled the small island. When I finally found the main road out of town I figured what the heck. I would walk it for a while and just come back if it was too long. Well, with my inability to give up, I walked up that whole mountain. I was actually feeling quite frisky and jogged up the first quarter of it. It was Monday evening so the bus load of Trini people were on their way back home. Bus after bus of people would come up shouting at me ?Jungle Man, Jungle Man!? Okay, a bit of exaggeration, mostly it was ?are you insane,? or ?The bus costs $.65, dumb ass.? With all that encouragement I ran until my calves blew out and my lungs started crying like 20 year smokers. With that I just kept plodding on. It started raining but it only gave me encouragement as at least I wasn?t sweating anymore. Finally, I made it ti the top and the turnoff to Speyside the other little fishing village on the other side of the mountain and the Road to the Flagstaff lookout. Well, I was still feeling good and figured it was still an hour until sundown so I took the left and headed up the hill. The walk was actually outstanding in that I was on a well maintained road going through the rain forest, as it was actually raining. The rain brought in the clouds and I was walking through the fog for a long while. It was a good half an hour of walking until I reached the end. The end was actually a main power or phone tower at the top of the mountain. Just below, they had turned it into a really nice manicured park with actual grass that you would find in small town USA. It was perfectly manicured with trees planted around the perimeter. It was actually quite out of place, but it maid the whole mountain top look very peaceful. I wondered with all the trouble that someone went to design this park, if anybody ever makes the hike to it. The views were great with one side looking back down on Charlotteville and the other over the tiny island of St. Giles. After a few minutes of introspection I started the trek back down. I made it back to the turn off right at sundown and walked the rest in the evening darkness. At the base, I met the other Jungle Man, but he didn?t say much to me. We kind of just waved our walking sticks at each other (I picked mine up on the side of the road for this uphill walk.) It?s a respect thing between Jungle Men like us, you other people might not understand it. After him I met up with the guy who runs the beach rental hut and the guide who pointed out my crap footwear. I told him I had just finished the walk and he was a bit amazed at my hiking passion, especially since it had been raining for the last three hours and I looked like a, well I guess a wet Jungle Man. We walked a bit and I went on back home for a shower and dry clothes. Since I was on my new Movie kick I stopped by my Rasta Blockbuster place and rented The Forgotten. The movie kind of sucked. Those kind of supernatural type movies don?t do it for me. I?m going to have to give it a thumbs down. It did do a good job of making me tired, so I went to sleep around 11pm. Oh yea, I had cake. The one consistent thing that I did for my week in Charlottesville was to have homemade cake every night. The lady at one of the food huts made chocolate, yellow, and angel food cake. That I am really going to miss. That and $.50 16oz Sprites.


2 responses to “Day 20 Tobago”

  1. Jason says:

    Hi Steve.

    I’m glad to know that Katie and I taught you how to relax after a hike. After we split ways, we did a lot of relaxing too! It rained most of the rest of our trip and we became lazy as a result. We never conquered Morne Diablotins, instead we rented a car and conquered our fear of the left side of the road. We drove around and all we did for walking was to walk around the syndicate trail, seeing no parrots and no falls. I guess that’s why they tell you to take a guide.

    Both Katie and I are grateful for the use of your digital camera for that day. All of the pictures that we took, with the exception of maybe 3 are blurry and fuzzy, a result of security screenings I believe. Needless to say, yours are the only good pictures that we have of our trip. We need to look into getting a new camera.

    I’ve been reading some of your adventures and it sounds like you are keeping yourself busy with fun activities and “planning” your coming ones. I can’t believe that the sea urchin sting is still bothering you! Did it bother you in Dominica as well. You and Bam must be connected in spirit, fellow jungle men tromping around on their busted up feet. Take care of yourself, I’ll check up on you periodically to see all the adventures you have in South America. –Jason

  2. steve says:

    Hopefully you guys didn’t do the Indian River. It was a big waste of $25. I think they had to do with what they had because Portsmouth was kind of weak for adventure. I went to go to Morne Diablitons as well but the guide service said to wait for the weather. It never cleared.

    All Taxi’s in any country are Rat Bastards. Can’t travel with them, can’t travel without them.


    Stay unemployed, working is overrated. Just get Katie in the Private Sector where she can make some big bucks and you could do a lot of “planning” as well.