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Day 1804: The end.


The end!


38 responses to “Day 1804: The end.”

  1. ttw654 says:

    Thanks, Steve. Enjoyed every day of it.

  2. ttw654 says:

    Thanks, Steve. Enjoyed every day of it.

  3. Orlando Rizal Abrille Lopez says:

    Steve, brother, my man!!! You finally made it back (I knew you would, of course!) This is Orlando, I met you out at Soft Beach, in Egypt. Basically bro, all is well and whenever you get the opportunity, get in touch with me and until then, stay blessed and God continues to bless you!!

  4. snarky says:

    I can’t believe you are done! Nope, I predict you’ll be back on the road and somewhere exotic soon. if not, what else will you do??

    I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels and getting to meet up with you in Luxor, oh so many years ago now…

    Fare Well…


  5. Steve,

    I can’t believe it’s really over this time! Wow, what a journey you’ve taken us on. One of a kind in the world of travel blogs. Would you consider a post trip recap? Tell us your overall thoughts on the trip, impressions, best memories, or anything else you want to say as a parting message? I know you can’t summarize a 5 year trip, but a few impressions would be great for those of us living vicariously through you for the last 5 years! Sit back and enjoy American TV my friend!

  6. Marc says:

    Hej Steve,
    Thank you for all the Stories, Photos and insights. It will take me some time to stop looking at your Site as it has become already a regular ritual.

    Take good care

  7. David says:

    Holy cow dude, you are done? Awesome! Wish I could do something like that, but college is way too hectic.

    (the cyclist that met you on the Lao/Vietnam border)

  8. Jesse says:

    NOoooooooooooo, the end? I can’t handle that, c’mon. Keep it going, I’d like to hear what you will be doing now and I’m sure everyone from around the world that reads this would like to hear your perspective on America now and the things you do when you are here.

    Thanks for all the great pictures and stories, please keep this site up, it is a well used reference guide of mine!

  9. JUAN says:

    Hola Steve,
    no puedo creerlo, sefini ? se termino ? the end ?
    y ahora que ?

    seguramente una pausa muy larga, horas y horas de habitaciรณn, TV y dulces ….
    que los disfrutes y que descanses.
    un abrazo, luego te escribo mas tranquilo, que pases buenos tiempos

    Juan , Argentina.

  10. Sean McLeod says:

    Wow, I had 50/50 odds you were going to make it back alive!

    An amazing journey to say the least and I have enjoyed following your blog since we crossed paths in Argentina all those years ago. Truly a one of a kind adventure. I can imagine settling in to ordinary civilian life will take some real adjustment!

    Give us a shout if your ever in the Netherlands!

  11. Joy says:

    Steve! I stumbled across your blog in 2005, and have read it periodically (moved twice, got married, had a baby, started two new jobs, all that jazz). I can’t believe it’s over! I’m going to start again at the beginning and read through it all. I second a request for a trip recap. Take good care.

  12. broomhat says:

    wow. how about a post trip recap? or a book (online or softcover)? i would definitely read about your further thoughts on your Amazonian girlfriend, travelling through the third world continent of Africa, the very dirty yet ultra clean subcontinent Indians, that mega long fishing trip and motorbiking through the lands. you probably have enough real info for a book about travel caution, friendship, giving stuff away for free and the world in general.

  13. ben says:

    hey steve,
    we met each other years ago in easter ethiopia, only for a short time. (harar, hyena feeding). i now stumbled across your site again and what do i see: the end ๐Ÿ™‚
    i wish you all the best whatever your plans are…
    ben (austria)

  14. Steve, Just re-read your trip through DRC…took me back to my own bout with malaria and shake down by gendarmes while trying to board a DC-10 way back when…laughed at your McDonald’s fantasies…I used to write up a wishlist of home cooked, American comfort food while half-starved with amebic dysentery in India …anyway, glad this journey is at an end for it means the beginning of another and who knows where this one will take you? Wherever it does, we can all rest assure, you won’t take any shit!

  15. Ken says:

    Dude…just found your blog on BnA and I gotta say…5 years?! I am going to start from your first entries and read and read!

    I’m on my RTW but I was planning on a year to a year+half. I don’t know how you did it but PROPS!

  16. amar says:

    Steve …. I’m pretty sure you’re my hero .

  17. Per says:

    Hey Steve. I’ve made it to the states, and I’m in California for the next couple of weeks or so. Wanna met up for a beer or some hardcore trekking? I’ll make the popcorn.

    write me an email – I’m in Sorona at the moment.

  18. Slave to the corporate Machine says:

    How about an update? Have you gotten fat watching American TV? Still fishing? Saving money to go back out on the road again and hit all the spots that you missed?

    How about a recap of the five years of traveling… How much money did you spend? How many times did you get sick? Best and worse places visited… Best and worse modes of transportation.

  19. SC says:

    Hi Steve,

    Looked at some of your blogs on your trip to Brazil and it looks like you had a wonderful time! Would love to get some insights on your personal experience since I am planning mine with a couple of friends sometime in December ๐Ÿ™‚ I would really appreciate it if you could email me.

    Thanks again!!


  20. DEBORA says:

    Hi Steve,

    Looked at some of your blogs on your trip to Brazil and it looks like you had a wonderful time! Would love to get some insights on your personal experience since I am planning mine with a couple of friends sometime in December I would really appreciate it if you could email me.

    Thanks again!! !

  21. DebiinMerida says:

    Well – you’ve been back in the good ole USofA for a short time, so how is it?
    What are you doing with yourself, how are you!

    You can’t get this many people involved in your life and then just drop out!

    Fill us in! Please!

    abrazos fuertes
    Debi in Merida, Yucatan, MX

  22. Priyank says:

    Hi Steve,
    Your posts will be a wonderful source of information forever! Hope you get to start another round of travels soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Acidspike says:


    How are you doing back in the USA?

  24. Slave to the corporate machine says:

    Alright Steve… We realize that you have become “Americanized” again… i.e. fat and lazy. I figured you have caught up on all the juicy celebrity gossip and are now hooked on the Jersey Shore. How about an update to let us know if you will be the the “Biggest Loser” or “Heavy” soon. Dang it, are you alive? What has been going on?

  25. amarius says:

    ……. I’m pretty sure you’re my hero

  26. karen says:

    Hey cutie, just caught up with your blog again…So what are you doing now.. I guess all good things must end. Looking forward to your next journey.

  27. karen says:

    I guess steve truly is lost ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Acidspike says:

    Can’t believe that is has been one year since Steve went truly lost. Lost back into Civilization. Hope all is well.

  29. oscar says:

    hi steve

    what are you doing now? it was exciting to read your posts.

    did you save all the money b4 you hit the road for 5 years?

    it’s impressive what you did.


  30. Dan says:

    I need me some more Steve.

  31. roccolay says:

    que paso contigo?? where are you my friend..we need to hear from you
    mis saludos

  32. Thanks Steve. Love your experience and you are incredibly funny. Keep traveling mate!

  33. SlaveToTheCorporateMachine says:

    Alright Steve, it has been two years… How about an update!

  34. Dan says:

    Hey Steve,
    Just want to let you know that your readers haven’t forgotten you.

  35. roccolay says:

    Its been four years man..enough for some travelling saving..start another journey here in australia where we are at the moment..cheers !

  36. SlaveToTheCorporateMachine says:

    Steve – After 8 years, any updates? We want to keep the dream alive!

  37. Dan says:

    I’ve still got you bookmarked, dude. Some day….some day….I know you’ll show up here and say hi.

  38. Dan says:

    It’s back! Hi Steve! Thanks for putting it back online. Still the best travel blog of all time!

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