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Day 1801:Stocking up for the voyage.

Being my last day in the capital city, I had to stock up on my tourist stuff. As this was the end run, and I have been stretching the limits of my days away from home, I felt it prudent to bring a little bit of Mexico back with me. So, it was a full days worth of hitting different markets spread out amongst one of the largest cities in the world. Fuuuuunnnnn. Back at the hotel at sunset I had to do some weight cutting, eliminating some items that I wouldn’t need for this last leg of the trip. I originally thought that I would buy a large carry on bag and stuff that with all my goodies, but with the elimination of some items and some strategic packing I was able to max out my small size packs using the extension on all my straps.

After a farewell kiss to the bidet (I haven’t had the joyous butt cleansing since I left Thailand), it was about a forty five minute Metro ride to the entrance of the airport. That’s right, Mexico city has a metro stop right at the airport. Whoever planned that, whoever approved the plans, and whoever took the bribes to tell the cab mafias to stuff it, you are my hero. My flight was at 10:30P so by waiting it out and taking a evening/night run through the Metro system, I was just barely able to squeeze myself into a corner and stood the full 45 minutes it took to make the run. The only casualty though was at the stop where I was getting off, when I put my arm into the straps of my big pack I must have snagged my watch ($3US digital watch that worked and was also waterproof (Thailand)) and it popped off without me knowing it. As soon as I was out of the metro car I noticed my arm was not feeling right and knew my cool watch was gone. Damn.

While waiting for my departure, I hung out in the commissary area checking out the superinflated airport menus. When I happened upon McDonalds I was stunned when I saw they had a promotion going for a changing daily burger, fries, and drink for 35P ($3US). It was stunning because you could buy a bottle of water for 35P not food and there was McDonalds giving the backpackers a break. I am telling you McDonalds is the best. Billions and billions served.

And then I arrived. TJ. Tijuana for the uninitiated. The epitomy of Mexico (don’t be offended Mexicanos as I think Las Vegas is the epitomy of the US). My dream entry point back to the US. The fourth reason why I did the Central America route. Walking across the bridge or possible scooching under the fence and trekking it the back door way, cool. Arriving 1:30AM in Tijuana is probably not the most recommended time to drop in. Taxi’s pretty much had me by the balls because even as adventurous as I am, hauling my two stuffed packs and me six kilometers through the back roads of Tijuana at night time, not very good odds of success. 160P and I got a chatty taxi driver to drop me in the center of Revolution road (Revo). I was expecting chaos and massive amounts of partying, but what I got was church quiet. Absolutely silence and only a few people stolling the boulevard as the strip was pretty much locked up for the night. I stopped off at a motel which looked pretty nice on the outside with “just remodeled” signs plastered about and a promotional sign for 200P rooms. I checked into my room, took a stroll through the dead streets and picked up some snacks at a little convenience store and called it a successful transition.

Although I sort of cheated by flying, there were just so many things against bussing it all the way north. You already know my feelings about buses. The ride time was exactly 48 hours if I did one straight run (screw that). The minimum cost was going to be $125US and I ended up paying $130 for a plane ticket and it was like 3 hours and 40 minutes. Sure I missed out on a bunch of beaches, but beaches, enough already. I already had a plan for a return trip through the Baja Peninsula already so wasn’t really worried about missing much.

Bidets are nice but I prefer a hand held version as it requires less body movement.


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