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Day 1798: Super sunday.

Mexico has a ciclovia (bicycle day), one of the best ideas I have come upon while traveling. The last one I got a chance to attend was in Bogota, Colombia. What happens is, the government supports Sundays day of rest and family day. They basically shut down some of the most popular routes throughout the city and make them pedestrian and bicycle only, shutting out all motorized vehicles. This allows people to get out on their bikes or feet and to take a stroll through their town without having to worry about getting run over. Now, it isn´t just some way out unused roads, but the usually busiest city center and touristic routes especially around parks and historic areas. I am not sure how far MC ciclovia area runs, but usually they have a route that runs throughout the city where you can ride your bike without worry. It really is a great effort by the government because almost every road had police officers making sure that no traffic was allowed on the roads in these areas. For the people, it is really great because families with kids can bring them out and they don´t have to worry about them getting run over. It also generates extra income as vendors ply the areas catering to the bicyclists and pedestrians out on a stroll.

As Saturday was a bit tense with all the marches and protests, I decided to hit up the historic area to see if stuff was open, but alas, Sundays things are closed so it was pretty much more of the same but with more people taking advantage of the weekend to take a stroll. Outside of that not much to do or see, so hit some of the off sites and visited some of the vendor markets like the technology plaza.












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