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Day 1799: Metro day.


I wanted to pick up a few things while I was in the capital city, so I headed out to some of the outlying markets which allowed me the opportunity to play on the metro. I have already gushed enough about how much I like Metros so won´t bore you with more, but really, for 3P you can ride all across the city without nary a hassle. Had I been in a city without a Metro and required to use normal buses or combi´s, it would have been a “not worth the hassle so staying in my room and watching tv day”. It really makes a massive cumbersome mega-city feel like a easy and convenient destination. I spent most of the day bouncing around the North, South, and West parts of the city just checking things out. I ended up buying a few things so it wasn´t all metro surfing, but even then, it was a relief as I dread shopping to know that at any time I could just run down a few steps and be back at my hotel with minimal hassles.


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