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Day 1796: Ciudad Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

It was a well devised plan my trip to the pyramids. After doing my last and final ruins explorations, whooooopeeeee, I grabbed my stuff and caught a passing bus back to the capital. For many people who hear Mexico City, they think of one of the most populated cities of the world with all the crushing antagonisms that go with it. Being so, I wanted a smooth transition. Arriving at the same terminal I had already arrived and departed from all that was needed was to take the Metro into the area where my target hotel was. For those who have not read my prior romances with metros, I love cities that have metro routes. Nothing is difficult when there is a metro. Even when you are lost, wandering around usually entails running into a big “M” sign pointing to steps leading down into the tunnels. From there you can get anywhere and as long as you know what terminal you need, you can get there. Although metros are a great way to get around a massive city, you have to be careful especially when you are just arriving or departing as trying to take the metro during rush hour with all your stuff can be a bit of a disaster waiting to happen. That was also a reason for a detour to the pyramids and a early exit. I just needed to keep my metro time somewhere between 10am and 4pm and there would be a lot less hassle. Even though I had to make a change of train, it was no big deal and for the princely sum of 2P I was in the heart of downtown MC and on the search for my hotel. I only had some general directions from a traveling website that recommended a good hotel which was not listed in the guidebook. After going into the wrong hotel because I associated the name incorrectly, thankfully they were booked, although at the time I felt like I was screwed, but when I went back to my list to look for number two option I found out I had gone to the wrong place. A few questions to bystanders later and my bags were in my room and I had accommplished my goal of getting to my destination with a minimal of hassle.

The rest of the day was scouting around my local area figuring heading into the central zone was better left for a full day. Being a major metropolitan area with colonial period and earlier influences, I thought that the city was very similar to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hmmm, I forgot to take pictures so I will show you a picture of my Bimbo Penquino`s animal collection that I have been carrying around throughout Central America. They were a free gift when you bought Penquinos (Hostess cupcakes). There are fifteen different animals but I was only able to get 8 different animales with a lot of duplicates. Not sure they will be going with me much farther as I have been scouring Mexico and not being able to find the bonus pack. I guess some kid will be happy if I give them away. Not so much travel related, but reason why I was fat.

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