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Day 1794: On the move

Acapulco is a very picturesque place and where I was staying was out of the normal tourist quarters so it had a decent feel to it, but time is ticking and I needed to be on the move so I packed my bag and headed out. The normal easy thing to do would have been to just grab a taxi as the bus station I came in on was pretty far away and up and over the hills surrounding the bay. The alternative which I actually was going to try to do was grab one of the regular transit buses. As I was in the center of everything, as well as being the central hub for the buses, I decided to not risk just jumping on one where I was at but rather I would walk up aways to a major thoroughfare where buses probably would not be veering off in other directions and I would have more of a chance not ending up in some random place. It turned out to be a good choice, not because it worked out, but because I got lost trying to get to a perfect thoroughfare and ended glancing at my guidebook one more time and discovering buses for my next destination did not leave from my originally planned terminal. Being happy about saving this detour I started heading towards the thoroughfare where I could catch a bus that would most likely head in the correct direction, again. Well, I walked and walked and I looked at the taxis passing by, yearning, and watched the buses go by, uncertain, and finally an hour later I was close to where I wanted to be. Then, I saw a nice fancy dancy bus terminal across the way before my target terminal. I figured why not check it out and they had a bus leaving in ten minutes although it was about 50P more than my original bus company. I figured screw it, there was a chance that I would have to wait at the other bus station as I didn`t know the schedules, so I bit the bullet and bought a ticket. This was definitely a first class operation with state of the art destination boards, uniformed employees, and a marble and glass waiting area. I only had a few minutes and we were on the road.

You could tell this was going to be a nice ride when they had five people prepping the passengers for this one bus. I dropped off my bag to the bag guy who stored my bag which included the claim ticket, another guy took my ticket and told me my seat number, a stewardess with drinks carts prepared a soda, bag of peanuts, and a sample pepto bismo pack. A security guard examined all carryons and did a wand check and finally the driver welcomed people on board. Nice. The ride was 400kms and was supposed to take six hours. Even with the police check and me getting hauled out for questioning, we made it in five hours forty-five minutes. Sweet.

Although I had traveled a distance, we arrived in my primary destination a little after four. As this was a major town and heading out to find accommodation in the middle of rush hour with a chance of getting caught out in the dark, I devised a quick plan (actually the plan was formulated the night before as an option). There was a cool place to go not far out of town with cool stuff to see and the bus left from the same station that I was at. I was on another bus not too much later, actually I caught the bus as it was pulling out so definitely was time efficient on that one. An hour and a half later we pulled into the town of San Juan Teotihuacán. Finding a place to stay however was an issue as the only budget place in town had eliminated single room and the only other place I found was 20P less. No problem, this would give me motivation to get up early, do the do, and get on the road although I would have liked a chill day.

A procession, just can`t get away from those damn thing.


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  1. Antonie says:

    I love your blog! You’re quite a traveler, so I’m hoping I can ask a bit of advice. I’m planning a trip starting in Mexico in July and going as far south as I can make it by December. Two questions – any advice on bus travel? And how do you manage to have a cell phone that works in all countries? Thanks! -Antonie

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