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Day 1793: Cliff divers, check.

Today was the day. Time to fulfill a dream (somebodies dream, not necessarily mine, but probably somebodies). I was going to go check out the world famous cliff divers of Acapulco. Fortunately being located right in the center of everything, I was a ten minute walk to where the cliffs were. They had one session at 12:45pm, and another four at night time. As I was unsure of how the night sessions would work out with pictures (blog loyalty) and the fact the better tv shows are on at around that time I figured that I would do the 1pm showing. I arrived about a half hour early not sure what to expect and later learned that cliff divers were about as reliable as bus schedules. For 35P, which sounded fairly reasonable for the opportunity to see something different, I was allowed to walk down the concrete path and stairs to an observation platform located right opposite the cliffs from where they dive from. First observations was that the cliffs didn´t seem as high as I remembered when I was a kid and saw them on tv, however I guess everything looks bigger when you are smaller. It was probably slightly less than twice what I did in Costa Rica, but later considering it and facturing out my own muchismo I figure it was closer to three times and was pretty high although I would do it (not muchismo but doing stuff that just requires you to just do it are my specialty). The area where they landed in the water was a lot narrower than I had imagined and there was a fairly active tide that changed the depth considerably.

The divers came down the walkway and climbed down to the water on the side where all the viewers were. They then climbed the cliffside to the perch on top. I guess it is for dramatic effect as on the cliffside where the diving area was the local hotel basically had rooms going right along the top of it. They could have gotten suite #3 and just hopped over the railing on the balcony, but then I guess it was the dramatic thing. There were seven guys and it took about an hour of watching them frolic in the water, play on the cliffs, hang out in the shade at the top and then do a little praying at the alter on the top. Once that was done, the launchings were pretty quick with a couple of pairs knocking out two for one dives. It was probably over in about a total of ten minutes without the other dramatic stuff. In general I would give it probably a six on the ratings scale. If you were scared of heights you probably would get a lot more kick out of it. They did do different types of dives so it wasn´t as lame as scooching down as much as possible and just jumping off the side of the cliff (my way) landing feet first. I took some decent photos (although I can´t tell for sure as I am using an old shit analog moniter and can´t really tell), and one video but it turned out that I didn´t hit the record button on the camera so I didn´t record anything except when I was walking up the stairway with the camera filming the ground. Oh well, enjoy.


These were of the viewing platforms with the cliffside across the way.

The naked cliff sides where they dive from.

One of the guys swimming across to the cliff side.

Climbing up the cliff side to the top.

Conquering the cliff side.

One of the other guys half way up.

Yea, we made it. No old/experienced guys. Hopefully they do the night shows and are not all dead from diving accidents.


Got you too.

Missed a pair.

This guy went from all the way at the top.

Got him.

Last guy finishing praying. I was going to do a video of this one but didn´t press the button hard enough.

This is me cliff diving (my preferred way of doing it). Actually, an elevator is a sign of at least a one star hotel. Living the luxury life.


3 responses to “Day 1793: Cliff divers, check.”

  1. That is awesome!!! Great shots. And look at you looking all suavecito. 😉

  2. Lee says:

    Wow..I just stumbled upon your Blog..Have you really been traveling for that many days and to that many countries?? What an amazing thing to be doing..I shall have to go through and read as much as I can..Great photos by the way…

  3. Acapulco es y ha sido siempre una verdadera joya entre los destinos turisticos de Mexico…deseamos que pronto retorne el glamour de aquellos a�os en los que el turismo nacional e internacional le visitaban.

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