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Day 1792: The way I do the things I do.

I slept really well even though I was staying in a kind of a rough room (although I spent about half my trip in kind of rough rooms). The night time temperature drops to a very comfortable level. So even though I had no facing directly outside window nor a fan, it was that perfect sleep temperature where I was able to get to sleep rather quickly and wake up not being chilly enough to need a sheet for cover. My local Mexican talk show (like Good Morning America) was on so I just chilled a while before packing my stuff up and heading out around 10am. The prior night I had found a place on the internet and scouted it out as well. It was nearby and a monster of a place which also included a one star rating (don´t scoff, I hadn´t seen too many one star anythings on this trip). The place was called Hotel Oviedo and it was just down the street. For 200P it got me cable tv, a great view, and smack dab in the middle of things. Dropping my bags and flipping on the tv were a great fix.

After getting settled, I decided to do some exploring towards the other direction. Where I am located is considered the old Acapulco. Way on the other side of the bay is the new Acapulco or at least where are the resorts and such are located. I have been looking for a Mc Donalds but could not find one where I am at, but I am fairly sure there are a few down there. Checking out the bay I came to one fast conclusion, I am definitely not swimming in that water. The way Acapulco proper is set up, the bay is basically at the bottom of a bowl with mountain ridges runnin entirely around the bay. The city starts at the beach with the hotels and runs up the sides of the hills with all the housing and such. Common sense dictates, and this is a scientific principle, but shit runs downhill. Acapulco has probably a million people now and all that poo has to flow somewhere and I am fairly certain it is into the bay. Right now is probably the safest time as it is not rainy, but when the rain falls, that bay has to be nasty. The bay design itself leads to being a poo collector as the inlet is fairly small and their are peninsulas that make it a really sheltered bay. My calculations are that the sea floor is actually made up of about a foot of feces with the water having about a 5% urine content. Add to that the bay being a major ship port as well as supporting a large local fishing fleet, and a ton of cats, you got yourself a stew that I ain´t swimming in. Even the tourist side is still inside the bay which I doubt has very much ocean water turnover. Oh well, it looks pretty enough and with all the city lights at night and a full moon, downright picturesque. Just not enough to take my new swimming trunks into. I would definitely recommend Puerto Escondido if you like to frolic in the water or Acapulco if your hotel has a pool.

Okay, back to roaming the city. Walking around the bay I passed the large cruise ship port which is one ugly building. Just inland from that was the Fort which was built to protect the bay back in the pirate days. This is where “the way I do the things I do” part of the story. Of course, been to many forts, and well this one also had a museum. Now, if you had been paying attention I think I gave up museums after year one in South America and really hadn´t voluntarily set foot in one except when it was possibly part of some ruins or something. Well, I went to these, and even paid the 39P entry fee. Why the change you ask. Well, whenever I do things (at least the more important long term things), I always take a mental snapshop right at the beginning, of how I felt at that moment. Its kind of an inspirational/motivational tool that helps to get over the rough spots or to stay focused. As I am coming towards the end of my trip, I felt it was important to revisit the things that I felt were important or interesting to me at the beginning of the trip. So even though I saw a lot of museums in the beginning, got tired of them, and saw rather few throughout the middle, I wanted to take the time to do the things that I felt were important in the beginning when everything was fresh and new. In this way I hope to go out with the same adventurous spirit and need to know as when I left on day one. So I visited the museum, and it was nice, primarily because it had really good air conditioning, but also because it was laid out rather well and informationally. I didn´t know how much of an effect Mexico and the Phillipines had on each other. Really, there was alot and it answered a lot of my questions on how the Phillipines seemed like more Latino than Asian. Also, the Americas were discovered by Cristobal Colon. Didn´t know that did you. Neither did I, but if you look it up on Wikipedia or were awake during history classes you would know that. It also had some pretty good views of the city side and would have great views of the bay had it not been for the ugly cruise ship terminal. And that is why I went to a museum and “the way I do the things I do.” Oh yea, your reaping the benefits of “the way I do the things I do” at this moment. Notice the Day XXXX:. That was done back in the day when I had motivation and drive. Otherwise it would have been pretty slim readings on your part.

Outside of that I hung around the center, watched tv, and checked out all the fancy dancy fishing boats with no customers. The real purpose, or I gues the second purpose after not wanting to take the vomit roads to Mexico City via Oaxaco, is to see the Acapulco cliff divers. Now I have never really been interested in coming to Acapulco, but I do remember seeing shows about the cliff divers on tv (another tv moment). It is also supposed to be a Acapulco must see so tomorrow will be cliff diving. My last cliff dive in Costa Rica caused my ass to hemorrage (don´t land leaning back or water will be force fed up the wrong direction). Not as bad as the guy I took a picture for, he landed wrong and couldn´t get out of the water for ten minutes.

The Hotel Oviedo where I got my one star room for 200P. For others who are looking for a cheap Acapulco hotel, I can recommend the Fel Mar Hotel. It is where I got my 100P room. They also have a range of rooms from 100 to 500P so you have options. To find it, head along the beach road past the Oviedo hotel for around a hundred meters. There is a Pemex gas station on the beach side of the main road, just past that on the right you´ll see three tamale restaurants and then an EXXO mini-mart. Turn right on that road and it is immediately on the left.



Shots from my room. No balcony this time but still bay views.

A cool porcelain piece from the museum.


Shots from the forts roof top vantage point.

Boom, took out the Hilton.

The fancy tourist side with the five stars.

The old city part of Acapulco with part of the cruise ship dock.

Boom, took out my hotel.

Storming the gates to the fort/museum.


Class field trip.

The entry way with the Mexican flag.

The Zocalo which is where people conjugate in the evenings for a carnival like atmosphere.


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  1. The feces-fish-bowl has me cringing. Ewwww! Great pics!

  2. Uh-oh. I’ve swum in that bay many-a-time. Now I have to take 5 showers.

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