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Day 1791, and I still hate buses.

An hour and a half. Thats the maximum. Any more than that and your going to hear me bitch. But onward we must go and go I did. I had forced myself because I delayed my departure already (Sunday is family day and you can´t travel on family day). It was pretty much a lock in because I went to the bus station and dropped 318P for a ticket. I dreaded it this whole Mexico portion because Mexico is massive and going a hour and a half at a time would have taken me another year to get home. I mean, buses are not physically horrible, especially first class, but any time I am stuck somewhere I dread it. Being stuck in a tin can, forced to just sit there just breaks my spirit. It´s taking my freedom away. I might as well be in prison. Okay, enough whining, but I still hate buses.

The bus ride was supposed to only be 8 hours. First class are timed. No stopping at every waving person on the side of the road. No stopping every 100M for someone to get off. No fighting to get on and find a seat. First class only stops at main city terminals. Stuff is timed. They get you there on time. That is their purpose and why you pay twice as much as second class. I had my internal clock set at 8 hours 5 minutes (I figured I could handle five extra minutes without freaking out). Well, exactly eight hours later we were stuck in the middle of a tunnel out of gas. Oh freaking hell I hate buses, well we did get to watch four movies so it wasn´t massively horrible. It wouldn´t have been so horrifying if the bus driver didn´t just pull over in a dark tunnel with traffic flaming by, back up for 50M and then hop out of the bus and just disappear without saying a word to anybody. When other buses and trucks flew by us the whole bus rocked from side to side. Had I not been towards the front and on the passenger side of the bus I would really have been worried. What are the chances that being parked in the middle of a mile long tunnel is dangerous. Freaking alot. I sat in my chair at a somewhat 45 degree angle with my legs slightly bent and my body sort of sagged and loose as when the 18 wheeler rig that didn´t realize that we were going to park in the tunnel rammed us, my body was going to flexible and not rigid so no broken legs on impact and the slightly bent was going to throw my body low into the seat in front of me crushing them but cushioning my impact as well as making sure I didn´t go flying through the front window into oncoming traffic. That guy who survives the plane crash because he actually looked at where the exits were, that was going to be me. I kept myself loose by watching Kung Fu Panda (another reason why tv is great.) Fortunately for the old lady in front of me, the helper returned with a jug of fuel (the driver was smart and stood behind the bus so when the impact came he would totally be out of the way of any flying debris and carnage. Thirty minutes later and we were in the middle of traffic and nine hours twenty seven minutes later I was off that damn bus racing down to the Zocalo (central area) of my next destination of Acapulco.

The sun was setting and the secondary drug war capital of Mexico was not somewhere I wanted to be, looking like a fresh meat Japanese tourist fresh off the plane. I didn´t have a lot of time so after blowing off a tout who latched on and took me to a couple of places where I got the up and down stare from the receptionist and the fresh off the plane Japanese tourist price, I hit a couple of side street place before finding a dive with a 100P room. You know it´s not going to be an exceptional place when you are in Acapulco where the average room rents for $150US. The family was nice and there was a slightly expensive outdoor restaurant place next door overlooking the bay. I dropped my bags and did a quick run around to get a feel for the place and to scout out some other options as in this tail end of my trip I am not looking to stay in the bottom of the basement places and I hadn´t had cable tv for coming on two weeks. I still wasn´t sure at my thoughts of Acapulco as it was getting dark, but I definitely needed to get a new place to stay the next day.



Chicken Enchiladas, aguas Jamaica, and a view.

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  1. You almost made me cry with those photos. That was the first city I lived in in Mexico. 🙂 I miss those views.

    Your bus driver sounds… interesting. haha

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