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Day 1790: It´s a Mexican family vacation.

dscn2143.JPGAs it is the weekend here in Puerto Escondido, and I am now staying in the principle beach area, I get to intermingle with locals on vacation rather than foreigners. With my fishing watching spot in the mellowest part of the bay, that area is dominated over the weekends with the not so wave happy people. People watching is really enjoyable as the Mexican family vacation is taking fun to the max. What makes the local way a bit different, at least according to my life is for two reasons: first and foremost is fun. I guess partially like everybody in the world, a vacation is a break from the life sucking daily ritual of surviving. It is a time when you can strip off all your burdens and let loose for a while. You can see it in the smiling faces up and down the beach, “this is the greatest ever”. From teenie tiny to the oldest, the smiles are magnificent. I watched a couple of grandmas playing in the waves trying to stay dry, but really not trying too hard. They were laughing and smiling so much my face hurt. Secondly, a family vacation here is a family vacation. From the baby squeezed out a few weeks early so mother and child can make it on the trip to rolling grandma and grandpa onto the sand with their wheelchairs. Nobody gets left home. I even saw a hamster in a cage kickin it with the family. Now, we did a few all the relative get togethers down to the river and mountains, but I think a lot of it was to get together as well as relax as our family is spread all over California. Here, people live together all their lives so getting everyone together is relatively breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So when the whole family is on vacation, it is all about having fun.

The way it works is that one of the matriarchs of the family pre-arranges everything. As families are pretty big, you see a lot of private buses used for these occassions. Next, a hotel is picked and a couple of rooms are taken with everybody sharing a couple of rooms. Usually they are fairly nice places or at least have nice ammenities as hell, this is vacation. Scrimping is what you do all those other days that you aren´t on vacation. A pool seems to be a necessity as the couple of places along the street where I am were booked up with families, but the ones like mine that did not have a pool weren´t. This I think is to keep the kids happy, but the oldies are having a good time lazing around and taking the occassional dip as well. For food, as their are a plethora of restaurants both on the beach and in town means no need for mama cooking or again budget eats. Usually on the beach, the family stakes out a beachside location which always have plenty of tables and chairs for the groups. Again the vendors love this area as people are just buying when they want something. At night time, the restaurants in town are pretty happening as the beach venues are a bit pricey for a ton of people, so you see the warehouse restaurant places jam packed with soaking wet smiling faces as they have just come from the beach or have just hopped out of the shower. People, including kids are out late as this is vacation and no need for rules. Back at the hotel the splashes and kids laughing and screaming go on into the late hours when I think the curfew doesn´t stop them but the onslaught of sheer exhaustion. The last big difference is everybody is just ecstatically happy. Usually, in the US at least, you get a big family gathering and it´s very similar to two neighboring pissed off countries. They get along but with more time spent a few skirmishes starts and usually end up with some sort of big battle being fought. It gets to the point where its expected and just a part of vacation. Here though, nothing but smiles and laughing. I guess it has to do with the fact that they are used to being around each other 24/7 with the exception of now they are in a fun place. I mean the whole time I haven´t seen one kid fight over toys or any normal cause of battle. Even the adults are in good order as I haven´t seen one sloshed out person. Everyone seems to be on their best behavior or perhaps it is because they are just having too much fun to need alchohol. Whatever the reason, the Mexican families have a good thing going. On my next vacation I just might join a Mexican family.



Fishing report: The pier fishing guys mainly are catching Sardines. They are in the six inch range. The sardines are conjugated in this corner of the bay because of the breakwater rocks/pier. They are also targeted by the boat fisherman as well. The main fishing technique is snagging. They either attach a weighted treble hook or tie two large hooks on the end of the line with a small slip sinker. They toss it out, let it hit bottom, and then take up the slack. I am assuming they can feel the sardines run into the line as they are yanking on the line after sensing something. The boat guys use cast nets the traditional way or dangle 3/4 of the net over the side of the boat and then tossing the anchor on the other side of the boat scaring the sardines into the net. A few of the guys will also attach one of the livies to a bigger rig and toss it out. I saw what looked to be a good size Cravelle Jack and a Snook taken from the end. Otherwise they use cut bait to catch smaller fish. Pretty much all the people are using handlines.

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4 responses to “Day 1790: It´s a Mexican family vacation.”

  1. Great post about Mexican culture. Love it. Thanks!

  2. Judy Frazee says:

    How refreshing! I’m going to send this post on. Thank you so much for commenting on it. (Love your new swim trunks! You’re going to melt right in with the rest of them out there in CA). jude

  3. topsshop says:

    It’s a beautiful city!!!

  4. Poli says:

    Damn! I stumbled into this blog too late. Last year I spent a week in Puerto Escondido, and you seem to have missed out on the most amazing restaurant, “La Juquileña”. It has the tastiest oaxacan food, and it’s very cheap. I didn’t even find food this good on Oaxaca city (save for the chocolates, chapulines and mezcal). I’d kill for a tlayuda de tasajo, or a doblada de queso con chorizo.

    Lovely blog, btw.

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