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Day 1789: Phasing out the backpacker in me.

I may have forgotten about yesterday, but I did a few things today. First was some important photo backups as my 2gb chip that I got with the camera which I purchased in Hanoi, Vietnam, finally maxed out. You can add this to the list of reasons why you should carry a laptop as I had to do some work getting things backed up so I could take some more photos. Although I don´t have a laptop with me, I am still carrying the two hard drives from the laptop that died (which I purchased in Goa, India and hauled all over the place, and was the cause for me to start motorcycling). I used that connector I bought in Costa Rica that allows me to connect the hard drive to a USB port on any computer. I did one back up there and then had to search around to find a place that would burn a DVD at a reasonable price 25P. Once I had the backups done, always do two just in case (on the whole trip I am missing photos only of the part where I drove the Royal Enfield (Thumper) over the Himalayas.) I accidentilly wiped those out when my hard drive crashed on my laptop and I told the guy that it was okay to wipe the hard drive. During that same time my camera had died and for some reason thinking that I had the photos backed up on the hard drive I formatted the SD card. Even then I could have used software to restore the photos off the SD card however I did not think about the photos until much later and I had overwritten them. My only shot of restoring those is to hopefulls be able to pull those pictures off the damaged sector of the hard drive. It kind of sucks as that section is probably the riskiest thing that I have done on this trip and with the exception of the low grade photos I uploaded to the blog, I have nothing. Happily though all my other pictures have been saved on the laptop that I had sent home as well as back up dvd´s. Hopefully they are all safe. Anyways, I was able to clear all the photos off and now have a new reformatted card ready for another thousand pictures or so.

Just a test shot to make sure that everything is working. It is.

Next on the list was a little bit of shopping. For some reason I got it in my head that I wanted a new swim suit. I have had the same pair that I had a year before I left on the trip. They are one of the few things that have given me absolutely zero problems. They have to be one of the most traveled pair of swim trunks out there. Well, they are kind of getting worn (but still in great condition), however, I just thought that maybe it was time to upgrade my wardrobe. I know it is kind of late as I am at the end of the trip and at the end of my beach time with only one more possibly two more beached to visit, however, I figure I will be getting home during spring time and will need something anyways, so why not buy a nice pair here as I will most likely be using when I get home. My wardrobe that I am traveling with are in fairly good condition as I got tired of looking like a bum in Thailand. Even then, I think I will change that out as well before I head home as I think I will give up the frazzled worn out look for a while. I do have all that new stuff waiting for me at home, but one more clean new set won´t hurt. So, I scouted around checking out all the surf shops and finding out that surfing stuff is way expensive. I was so shocked that I had to even go on line to see if perhaps it was only here that was extremely expensive. Nope, the brand name stuff is expensive and it is actually slightly cheaper here than on the net, so another reason to go ahead and buy it now. So after ten shops and going back and forth looking for something I liked, I finally ended up buying them from a guys shop who had actually lived in Fresno. Crazy. I started talking to him in Spanish but he talked back in English so I asked him if he had been in the states. He said yes, and kind of mumbled that it was in a town named Fresno. It was kind of shocking at first at the chance of running into someone else from Fresno, but later thinking about it I factored that it probably wasn´t. If you think about it, we are in neighboring countries and neighboring states to add to that. Next, Fresno has to be one of the top ten population centers in California and people usually set up shop in larger towns. Next, Fresno is a agricultural center which is a magnet for migrant farm workers and probably the biggest town in the central valley, and bam, it´s probably like a 25% chance that anybody I meet in Mexico that has lived in the US has probably lived in Fresno. Anyways, my Fresno Discount was 20P on the 520P pair of Rip Curl board shorts. It was a bit much, making my swim trunks the second most valuable item that I am carrying, next to my digital camera. Sort of crazy. Anyways, with some new wear to wear I spent the evening modeling my suit in front of the weekend family crowd slowly growing for the weekend. Oh yea, I ate, napped, and swam as well.

On the left is Spring 2004 Kmart, Key West, Florida. On the right are my new 2010 Rip Curl (although I think they are last years model as I don´t think Hawaiian print is in fashion right now) board shorts. Kmart $10. Puerto Escondido “Mexican Pipeline” $50. These new ones better hold up as their priors were exceptional. I still might throw the old ones down at the bottom of the pack and bring them home. Use them as my fishing trunks.


3 responses to “Day 1789: Phasing out the backpacker in me.”

  1. bodE says:

    this was fun to read, thanks i enjoyed it
    ever thought about Traveling To Egypt

  2. Definitely keep the old ones, too!!! A lot of memories associated w/ them, and some day they might be valuable (after you’re famous for whatever reason). 🙂

  3. Priyank says:

    Dude, that’s tragic to hear about hardware woes. I am debating if I should take my fancy SLR camera to Mexico especially since I’ll probably be hopping villages in combis and checking out random places. What’s your assessment?

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