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Day 1787: Exploration day.

With my chores done, rested, and the other side of Puerto Escondido to check out, I headed out to see what was out there. Of course I had to start the day checking out the fishing boats coming back from a night of fishing.






Walking across the city built along the small peninsula you come to a short downhill walking path which takes you to the first bay of Puerto Angelito.

In the same bay after crossing a small bundle of rocks you can also chill at the beach known as Manzanilla. This is a heavily trafficked area by Mexican tourists especially on weekends. The edges of the sand are all little thatch restaurants, bars, and shops catering to the beach lovers. The water is nice but all the stuff lining the beach is a bit of a put off.

Once you climb back to the top of that bay, if you skirt back in land and farther north you will come to a third bay which is the nicest of them all. Carrizalillo Beach is accessed by 180 steps to the beach. Here as the access is a little bit more difficult you will find a lot less people and more of a relaxed environment. There are still the restaurants and bars, but it is a lot more low key. As it is a bit more sheltered and with no boats accessing it taking a surf lesson is very popular here.



I met this free diving fisherman after he came back from hunting for stuff. Lobsters, octopus, clams, and oysters were his catch for the day. He sold some of it to the local hut restaurants and some of it to some tourists. About as fresh as you can get.



Of course after a hard day adventuring, a deserved nap is necessary.

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  1. Dear Steve–What a great day! I love the Carazillo (sp) beach. Would you consider adding a Tweet This plug-in/widget to your blog?

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