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Day 1786: Increasing happiness.

Like I wrote before about not getting complacent and mixing things up a bit as you never know what the next move will bring. Well, the prior day I had scouted out a new place to stay as although I had a great room at a decent price in the middle of surfer beach, I just wasn`t super chilled about it. I spent most of my time in the main city beach area and in town with about a hours walk each way. The surfer beach is great if you are a surfer or want to be where all the other tourists are (although not many to speak of), but if you want a nicer swimming beach and access to some more secluded beaches as well as a short walk to the main hubbub of the town with a lot more options of things to do, then you gotta move. The new place I hadn`t seen the room but the lady I spoke to the prior day was really nice and seemed very chill and inviting. I packed my stuff and headed over to check it out. My second option was to keep walking through town to the bus station and hop on a bus to my next destination. Man, did I score. The room is fantastic with a suburb view and cool breeze from my own balcony, the room is spot less as is the bathroom, and I have a massive 25″ tv with clear local channels (no cable, but I am getting hooked on tele novelas). The lady even dropped the price even more than when I first asked so now I am paying just 140P. This is versus the backpacker which is just below which charges 250P for an older version of what I have but with more foreigners.

I spent the day chilling and toodling around the new area of town which was a lot more interesting than hanging out at the beach all day. Did I mention I am right across the street from the major supermarket in town. That means all the selection I want at the cheapest price. So, I am probably going to hang here until the end of the week as my next stop is a major destination and a big town so I don`t want to be caught arriving in town on the weekend. Oh well, I found a great place to chill until then.

Introducing Posada Coco Beach.

The view from my balcony. I can see the fishing pier and where the boats are staging out in the water.

It`s really nice having your own balcony, plus it is solid and over waist high so I can peer out unto my kingdom naked as a jaybird.

Nice clean room with big tv.

Add big clean bathroom with toilet and toilet seat. Tiled bathrooms are always a plus.

Plus, I have the protection of a church right across the way although it kind of kills the naked freedomness when all the people are strolling into for a sermon and I have to put a towel on.

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5 responses to “Day 1786: Increasing happiness.”

  1. Love it! Don’t mind the church-goers–go naked, anyway. It’ll give them some good, righteous indignation. 🙂

  2. How fun seeing places we have explored through another’s eyes. If you are headed to Playa del Carmen, let us know. Yeah, it chock a block full of tourists but a whole bunch of us live and work here too. Look us up!

  3. HAHAHA well the balcony is waist-high anyway. I say just put a shirt on with no pants, and it will be your little secret from the churchgoers.

  4. snw2srf2stt says:

    Julie, thats what I like to do, give people reasons to pray.

    Michele, thanks. Maybe on my next trip. I am going to be doing some motorcycling and really want to get back to Belize. The Yucatan would be en route. In really touristic places I like to teach a local kid how to use my camera and then have him take photos of tourists. It really catches them off guard and sort of self conscious. Funny though.

    Laura, maybe just pasties.

  5. Priyank says:

    LOL I was cycling in Israel once and noticed a tap next to a church. I promptly took off my shirt and showered, to the amazement of the tourist bus that had just arrived. 🙂

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