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Day 1779: Getting the hang of it.

Shots on the drive through the deserted stretch between Arriaga and Huamalco. Endless stretches of beaches in deserted bays. I would have given anything to be on a motorcycle carrying a tent, my fishing gear, and a satellite tv. Park my ass on a deserted beach and hammock out for a while. Stupid buses.

Eating tacos from the bus stop ladies passing by some random village in the middle of nowhere.

I was up fairly early as I had a challenge of a route ahead of me. Looking on my map, there was a four and a half hour stretch of nothingness. No cities listed, just a scraggily line that went from where I was at to where I wanted to go. Not good. I headed for the first class bus station where I was dropped off only to find that there was one bus listed that went the route in the evening. Shit. I took a walk around the outside of the terminal to see if there were other bus companies. Nothing. Crap. Finally I asked a taxi driver if there were other buses and that I was trying to get to Pochutla the turn off to my beach destinations. He said no direct buses but that there were buses from town to town and he listed all the names. I just understood the part that I had a lot of bus hopping to do. He pointed out a bus heading down the freeway so I flagged it down and hopped on hoping it was going at least in the right direction. I spoke to the drivers helper and he said he would help me out. We drove past a couple of towns and finally the helper flagged me to get off and pointed to a old battered battleship looking bus on the side of the road. I jumped on the new bus and the asked the drivers helped for help. Again, he said no problem and told me that this bus would cross the dead mans land and arrive in one town before my final destination. When we arrived he pointed to my final bus that took me the last hour to the turn off town of Pochutla. From there I scouted out the buses for my next beach destination of Puerto Ensanada, before hopping on a collectivo which went the dozen miles to the beach town of Puerto Angel. Finally I had made it.

The area where I am at is considered the primary and best backpackers beach on the Pacific coast. It is made up of four fishing villages that now also cater to tourists. You have Puerto Angel which is the most built up village, followed by the villages of Zipolite, San Agustinillo, and Mazunte each having its own bay and geared towards the needs of different vacationing tourist. None of them have been over run by the upper scale beach resorts and tend to be more of the thatch roof style cabanas on the beach. I chose Puerto Angel as my first stop as I wanted a bit of city/beach life, internet, a fishing pier, lots of food options, and nightly activities in the town square, before I headed off to some secluded chill time in a hut on a beach.

I found a nice huspuede just off the beach with nice amenities and a cool breeze. Downstairs is the internet cafe which is next to a fishing/boating shop (damn I want to buy a fishing rig), about fifty yards up the road is the only supermarket, and 50 yards down is the central square where there are food stalls and people hang out, and just below that is the fishing pier where lots of people are fishing and the boats bring in their nightly catch. It´s a nice life. Definitely going to add an extra day or two here.

The town from the fishing pier.

The bay of Puerto Angel.

The fishing pier.

Birds over the bay.

Fisherman preparing to go out for the night.

My pier fishing buddies.

Some of the catches from the night. It shoulda been me.

Back from fishing.

Clean clear water. Nice. Thinking I might go and buy a snorkel and mask. I hate renting stuff. I wonder how long I will stay. Could buy a fishing pole. Hmmmmm.

It is a little hard to tell, but the darkened area of the water is actually a massive school of baitfish. The pod covered about a quarter of the bay. Freaky.

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