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Day 17 Congo visa wait.

I wasn’t able to get the meditation focused enough to mentally lift the pen from the side cushion of my plush waiting chair, but I did read an entire Daniel Steele novel from start to finish. That would be over 460 pages (no pictures). Beyond that, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I spoke to the reception guys twice asking first if the Chancellor was in, and second to ask if they could tell him I was waiting. Both were answered with some sort of Congolese grunt which I assumes means “as soon as pigs fly by the window and shit rose petals.”

I did get to watch what happens to a prototypical Sales guy who is trying to get his foot through the door. At first I was impressed with him and was almost getting ready to jump on the band wagon behind him. He wasn’t putting up with the receptionists shit and was just standing at the window making them answer succinctly and kept repeating himself louder and louder until they answered or turning to the waiting crowd and berating them behind their backs. I was still not sure what was going to happen so I just waited. After an hour of him giving them the “business man schmeel about time is money”, his powers started to ween as the professional barriers waited for him to run out of steam like a fly caught in a spiders web. Eventually, after numerous he’ll be right with you, the guy gave up and the receptionists scratched another notch into the wall. It was a breath of fresh air, kind of like watching as someone escapes from an inescapable barrier but then depressing as the person gets shot with a burst of machine guns and then run over by a tank.

I waited until 4pm and the lights went out and the reception guy started walking out with his newspaper. “Oh, he’s already gone was his only explanation.”

Oh yea, we got new draperies in the waiting area. Nice.

I looked at the map last night. I have to get this visa. It would be way out of the way going via Angola and I would run into the same problem not only with the Congo visa, but also with Angola. Then, if I couldn’t get both, I would be stuck on the wrong side of the continent with the only way of getting back to the other side is to retrace my tracks through the last two countries and the $100US Zambian Visa. I could go to the east and enter through Uganda, but then it would be months as I would have to go to Tanzania and of course all the way to the east coast to visit Zanzibar and then all the way back inside to Uganda. Then when I was done with the Congo river trip, I would be on the wrong side of the continent again. Fuck. I need this visa.

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