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Day 160 Medellin, Colombia: Let the week end.

The all nighters were catching up to even me. I crashed out and didn’t wake until one. I was groggy and just drained. Everybody was pretty much getting wiped out so it was just a bunch of bodies rotating from the kitchen, pool room, and the tv room. It was saturday night in Medellin and even though we were tired, everybody seemed to have plans. Augusta and Katy were going to his Finca for the weekend. Anna, Wade, and Chris were going to go to some clubs in the hills. Eduardo said screw it and was going to stay home. French guy, Mark an Oregon smoke jumper, and myself were going to Mangoes the premier club in Medellin. By ten everybody was on their way. We hit Parque LLera for some drinks before going to Mangoes. We met up with other backpackers from the Black Sheep and had some fun before we went to Mangoes around midnight. We hung out and danced around until three. Mark had found someone he was dancing with the whole night so French and I just left him and went to another club. Not the coolest thing to do but French was drunk and Mark seemed to be oblivious to us so I just left as well. You can only take so much of dancing midgets. We ended up going to a new club that just opened up and stayed there until they kicked us all out. I took French to my hot dog place and we had a late night snack before crashing out at 5pm.

Thank god the weekend is over.


2 responses to “Day 160 Medellin, Colombia: Let the week end.”

  1. Rum slut says:

    Steve you crazy fucker just checked out your interweb thing, sweet man, and all that time you were beavering away at the computer, i thought you were looking at prize winning puppies. I’m good brother back in cali went to the Pacific coast for the weekend with the family, it was fantastic and i was going to tell you to check it out when you head by this way but a news bulliten came on a minute ago and those pesky Farc have been playing with big boys fire works again. they blew away three people on a boat platform i was standing on yesterday afternoon. Have to make this short, as i need to go and find a Cau cau monkey with an ivory prosthetic limb for a muse, if i don’t start writing my diary soon i’ll always be behind the stove like a good little bitch. I’ll send you a copy of my Bogota tales when when i run the fucker through spell check which might take some time, i’m using an old school Tecra 8000 and it keeps crashing or claiming iv’e made a terminal error, no fun steve no god damn fun at all. Hows the black sheep? say hi to the boys. All the best
    Kris’all i wanted was a donught’ Isaksen

  2. steve says:

    Kris aka Rumslut,

    My man, Medellin is still here. Sent you an e-mail about whats going on here. The girls are still ugly as ever.

    Black Sheep is the backpacker nightmare that I thought it would be.

    Hey, send me the name of that Salsa company. I should be there in about a week and a half.