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Day 157 Medellin, Colombia: Bon appetit

At this point I had given up on doing any type of touristy activity. I had fallen into the lazy lump of gelotonous goo that used to be my occassional day off from work. I had seen it at the Black Sheep. People just lounging around, never venturing out except to go to the grocery store and then scampering back to the hostel. I was actually mocking them for staying in one spot for so long and not actually doing anything. Within four days, I became one of them. Yea, we went out every night until 4-5am, and then slept in until noon and for some until 2pm, but it was that feeling of being somewhere safe, clean, fun, and a touch of home, that made the couch potatoes that we had become. I guess the nasty hotels, the search for everything, the long bus rides, the constant challenge of making it in a foreign environment, all weighed on everybody, but it was only when you found the shelter of a good hostel that all the stress over comes you and the overwhelming need to just let go for a while succeeds. Trust me, even though I was overwhelmed with doing nothing, in the back of my mind I was kicking my ass for doing nothing.

One of the real issues that I had was that my two month Visa was to expire in two weeks. I had to still travel through half of Colombia. The places that I wanted to go were the Coffee region (Manizales, Pereira, and Armenia,) Cali, and the border towns with Ecuador. Every day I sat on my ass, it took away time for adventuring in these other places. I had to do something, but the goo was just too tough.

So, after moving from the bed to the couch and watching tv, Kris, Wade, and I decided to go crazy and do something active. We decided that we would make spaghetti. I know, real adventurous, but baby steps. It took about a hour but we finally got everybody off the couch at the same time. Anna the manager of the Hostel had said that if we did pasta, she would cook it for us. That is the reason for the spaghetti. It wasn’t the urge for pasta, it was the laziness of not having to cook. Anyways, we made the long ten minute walk to the store where we picked up all the supplies to make some classic spaghetti. For me, its pasta and Ragu. Luckily, Kris is a chef back in Scotland, so he was doing it all by scratch. I never knew spaghetti could be so complicated. It took an hour rounding up the big basketful of spaghetti stuff. It took even longer to make the stuff. There was four of us chopping, peeling, stirring, spicing, etc. Our lunch ended up being a late dinner, but it was pretty fun just hanging out in the kitchen, chatting up, and joking. We ended up with pots full of the stuff, so we ended up feeding everybody who would walk by.

After the feast, it was already late. Kind of what happens when you start your day in the early evening. After a couple more movies it was the end of the normal drinking hour, but Wade and I felt a little wound up so we headed out to do some bar hopping. Couldn’t go to sleep before three, that just would throw off our whole rhythm.


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