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Day 155 Medellin, Colombia: Showing Respect to Mr. Escobar.

The other benefit that this hostel had was a nice 42″ Plasma Tv and a stack of bootleg DVDs. We spent the morning watching a couple of movies and just vegging out. It was just what I had needed. I had been lugging the laptop around for a while and had no luck with the movie watching. At the hostel they had about thirty top titles and a great place to watch them. Everybody immediately converted from travelers to couch potatoes.

Kris had traveled with a guy in Cartagena whom we ran into at the Black Sheep. He was leaving that night and Kris wanted to hang out with him. We headed down to the other hostel and picked him up and went on a little tour of the city. Since Kris and I had not gotten totally distracted from our traveling ways, we set out to ride the Metro to a tram that takes you up to the top of one of the mountains. It was an extension of the Metro so you could actually ride the Cable car back around and transfer back to the Metro without having to pay anything additional. It took about a hour or so to get over and up/back.

I had gotten the information on where Pablo Escobar, the biggest drug dealer and one of the most wealthy/powerful people at the time, was buried. When people think about Colombia they usually relate it to Cocaine and drugs. Well, Pablo Escobar is the reason for that. For me, you canít visit Medellin without showing respect to the guy. A large part of why Colombia has the most beautiful woman in the world is because of Pablo Escobar. With all the cartels making so much money, they attracted all the beautiful people from all over the world. From that mix you get the blonde hair, blue eyed people to the darker of the Caribbean and every mix in between. The grave site was actually at the opposite end of the Metro so we got to ride basically the whole thing on the same ticket. I have a few pictures of the grave site and will post them later. It is located in a regular cemetary, however it is placed right next to a church and is covered in flowers. It wasnít as impressive as I thought it would be. So after a quick hello to the man, we headed off for some food and a trip to El Central for some food and a cup of Juan Valdezís finest in the park surrounded by fat Botero statues. It was halloween and all the kids were hitting the park. We just sat around and people watched until it started getting dark.

Back at the hostel, we met up with a Colombian guy, Augusta, who had a farm just on the outskirts of Medellin. He was doing some work in town so he was staying at the hostel. There was one other Colombian guy as well who we nicknamed Diablo. That night while shooting pool Augusta brought up the idea to go to a strip club. We all got on the band wagon and ended up getting Dave to postpone his leaving until the next day. The rest of the night was spent drinking rum and talking to strippers. That became day one of our 4am nights.


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