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Day 154 Medellin, Colombia: The city of eternal spring.

After a drug induced 14 hour sleep we arrived in Medellin. I was lucky enough to have gotten the row to myself (a benefit for being a freak of nature.) I was a tad it groggy but was able to grab my bag and walk into the extremely large and modern bus terminal. There were so many booths and signs that I was pretty much lost. I had the business card for the Black Sheep Hostel which I was targeting to stay. On the back was a basic map, but it was all based on getting to the Metro. After doing the spin around a couple of times I finally located a Information booth. The lady gave me basic instructions on which way to go. The great minds of the city planners were kind enough to build a Metro station right behind the Bus terminal. After a quick walk across the walkway I was at the terminal. This was the second time that I had visited Medellin so I was familiar with the Metro as well as where the Hostel was located. The Medellin Metro is the only real Metro in Colombia. Bogota has the Trans-Milenia but it is just a high tech bus system that has its own lane on the roads. The Metro in Medellin is an actual above ground electric rail system. The passes cost $1150P per ride. The bus got me in at 7am so when I got on the Metro it started filling up fast. I got kind of pushed to the center of the car and was getting more and more concerned on how exactly I was going to get my double pack through the sea of people and out the door. The Poblado exit was 7 stops away and nobody seemed to be getting off. There were more and more people getting on and I was at a point that I couldn’t even move. Finally, a stop before my exit a couple of people got off. My plan was to go past my exit and try again in the reverse direction but this time grab a seat by the exit for my stuff and would make it easier getting off. Well, luckily when we reached the Poblado exit, a sea of people walked off. I was able to follow the cluster and walked right off. I was ecstatic that things worked out.

The Hostel was located a few blocks away from the Metro station so after only a couple of missed turns and a complete pat down and unpacking of my packs right in the middle of the street because of a couple of dick head police guys, I arrived at the hostel.

The Black Sheep Hostel was a new place that had just started up three months prior. I had seen their flyers up at other places in Colombia. It was one of the true backpacker hostels with the majority of the rooms being dorms. They had all the necessities like internet, kitchen, tv with movies, hammocks, kick back areas, bar, and tons of people from all over the world. Just prior to me arriving was a Scottish bloke named Kris. He had arrived from Cartagena as well and was looking for a room as well. The problem with being a popular place is that they are constantly full with backpackers. This was the case as well. We met a few of the early birds who were really cool and friendly so we decided to wait it out to see if anybody would be leaving. There were about thirty people there so we figured somebody had to be leaving. The other big problem was that it was Sunday and most of the people had gone out partying the night before. We actually stayed there and hung around until 6pm that night. It took that long before everybody had finally waken up and came down to say if they were staying or leaving. The guys running the place were really cool and we got to hang out with them the whole day so they were pushing hard to find us a spot. Finally, the last guys came down and we were out of luck. They ended up calling up another hostel and getting us set up. Kris and I grabbed our stuff and headed over to the new Hostel.

The new place we stayed at was the Casa Kiwi. It was actually located in the heart of the high end Poblado area right next to Parque Yerras which is where all the boutique clubs were located and a place where the uppity ups went to be seen Thursdays through Sundays. The Kiwi was not as backpackerish as the Sheep, but it was more open and seemed more sanitary. It did however have one big advantage. It had a regulation size pool table with good cues and excellent felt. It turned out Kris was a big pool player, and I of course have been a hustler for as long as I can remember. We got set up in one of the dorms $15000P and went to shoot some pool. There we met two Aussie guys who were just hanging out at the Hostel. We all just ended up shooting pool and shooting shit for the rest of the night.


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