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Day 120 Villa de Leyva

Although Tunga was really a big surprise in how modern and clean it was, all the people had said that I needed to visit Villa de Leyva. It was more colonial and had more hiking type places.

The drive over to Villa was about an hour but the scenery changed dramatically. We went from rolling hills to deeper mountains with more of a desert look. There were some pretty sheer canyons that definately made you aware that you were in the elevation.

We rolled into town on roads paved with cobble stones. Not little cobbles, but big basketball sized ones that were carefully placed to create a not so smooth surface. That with the white washed buildings and the Spanish type roofs, it was definately more picturesque than most South American cities that I had visited.

My first plan of attack was to find a place to stay. In the guide book they recommended a Hotel that was supposed to be well thought of. When I went there, I found out that the price had almost doubled and the rooms went from a single room with a bathroom to a dorm with a shared bathroom. That pissed me off. I could understand if you are a couple of listings down, but when you are the first listing and gaining all the benefits from that spot, you shouldnīt screw over all the people from that point on. I hope they get dropped from the book next edition. I talked to another girl that was staying there and confirmed the price. I was also pissed that I offered to stay for three nights leaving before they it got to their busy weekend. I told them no thanks and went down the road to the other side of the plaza. The first place I stopped also offered a high price but I countered with my scheduling and the fact that they were not very busy. I ended up getting a room for the same price as the dorm room at the other place except this place had its own bathroom and tv. I was happier at that and the lady running it was very helpful with information.

It was mid-afternoon so I made a quick run through the town to get a feel for where everything was. It was quickly apparent that not too many oriental travelers pass through there because I got a lot more stares than normal. For dinner, I wanted some place cheap because I wanted to stay within budget. The added cost of the rooms and the tourist stuff was going to make this a kind of expensive get away. The manager showed me a little whole in the wall place run by a local family. They didnīt even have a sign on the door. Without locals knowledge, nobody would even know the place was there. I got the Comer which is a set meal for a set price. For $5000P or $2.50US I got a big bowl of beef stew a plate of grilled steak, potatoes, rice, salad, yucca, and fresh papaya juice. It was great and hit the spot.

The rest of the night it was raining so I spent a little time at an internet cafe and some relaxing time on the plaza watching the night go by.

At first impressions, I really liked this place. It was perfect for what I needed, some quality time without a big rush or commotion. There were plenty of activities for the following days so I had something to look forward to as well.


2 responses to “Day 120 Villa de Leyva”

  1. Judy says:

    Hey Steve, I’m almost having a hard time keeping up with you. Oct. 1st today and I just caught up. The pictures really add alot and am still enjoying your stories. I wish you could have gotten one of the gorilla! Keep ’em coming! Judy

  2. steve says:

    Judy: Here are some more photos and stories for ya. I am slowly catching up.

    Iīm switching from chasing Gorillas in the Amazon to chasing Guerillas in Colombia.